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GoOpti is the first LOW-COST ground transportation company. Inspired by low-cost airlines we try to offer the lowest price for reliable transportation services with possible extra payments for greater comfort. At the same time we are trying to be credible INFORMATOR of all possible modes of transport which exist on specific routes.


We provide transfers and daily excursions. We strive to reducing costs, while remain 100% RELIABLE. All of our services and tours are CONFIRMED immediately the purchase is made through the website. Passengers do not have to worry, if they will arrive to the airport or the desired destination at the right time and if transfer will be carried out or canceled due to lack of bookings. We guarantee, that after payment you can just sit back and relax, our driver will be waiting you at the agreed location and at the appointed hour.


We offer Opti, VIP and VIPflex transfers.


Opti transfers are trying to provide low-cost transfer by combining in same vehicle different people who are traveling on the same date, at about the same hours on the same route or in the opposite direction. Opti transfers are appropriate for people, who are willing to maybe arrive few hours earlier as needed or depart few hours later than desired. longest possible waiting time we call Opti time window and it is specified for every route. All passengers are picked up and dropped off at a pre-specified location, but for extra payment, pick up and drop off is possible at desired location. Due to possible special embarkations and disembarkations it is possible, that the total time of transfer is longer than normally. Luggage is limited to 3 pieces weighting up to 35 kg in total.


VIP transfers are intended for passengers seeking greater comfort or larger groups. This is the classical transfer, where passengers are transfered from your desired location at a desired time to the desired destination. VIP transfers have also very competitive price, because they do not allow cancellations, as the vehicle is filled with other Opti or VIP passengers in the other direction.


VIPflex services are the same as VIP transfers, but price includes boarding and disembarkation at multiple locations and possible cancellation up to 24 hours before departure with full reimbursement of the purchase price.


We also offer FIX transfers. These are the regular bus services at a fixed price and time of departure.


In addition to transfers we offer daily excursions, which include only transportation and a short printed guide with proposed options, what can be experienced on this tour, secrets discovered, activities for different tastes and gourmet delights for small, medium and high budget. We also provide daily excursions, organized by travel agencies that may include also additional services.




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  • Company Name: Vista TM d.o.o.
  • Headquarters: 18 Technology Park, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Tax number: SI 21026114
  • Director: Mark Guček
  • Bank: Bank of Koper, Port Street 14, 6502 Koper
  • IBAN: SI56 101000044316288

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