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IMPORTANT! Nr. of passengers booking together can significantly influence on the price per person!

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IMPORTANT! When choosing desired time, you can only select one of the options, detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the question mark!

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IMPORTANT! When choosing desired time, you can only select one of the options, detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the question mark!
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GoOpti is a registered trademark of Vista TM Ltd, registered in Slovenia under the registration number 2364492.The company was founded in 2008 and is primarily engaged in the development of information systems and web applications in the field of tourism. After the successful launch of a web portal we started developing new applications and portals for more niche markets. TM Vista d.o.o. is a subsidiary company of TM Travel Ltd, which deals primarily with the organization of business travel .GoOpti was inspired by the real problems, that is travel agency facing, in organizing transfers and trips, and combined with years of experience in booking portals and "yield management"


Flights from larger airports have often much better prices. Our goal is to bring to these airports also individual passengers from nearer and more distant locations in affordable, hassle free and most convenient way. Hassle free means immediate confirmation, while purchasing the flight tickets, and no worries about transfer options.

The guest is visiting from abroad and you do not have time to take him around or you run out of ideas and time to organize. Our goal is to give you quick and easy booking possibility of half day, daily or several-day affordable trips and provide exceptional experience and an unforgettable memory.

Want to go with your firends on a weekend trip and you run out of ideas or not enough time for the organization? Our goal is to allow customers a quick and easy way to book a trip to suit your taste, but always interesting, different, fun, memorable and above all adaptable to your current mood and preferences.

Tourist agency has a huge database of ​​options, contacts, intermediaries, ... Our goal is to provide easy to browse online database of as many alternative transportation and tours as possible, where agency can obtain immediate confirmation and receive the commission without any complications.

Hotelier has numerous alternatives, contacts, transfer companies, travel agencies to offer their client, but this is not hotels primary task and is usually meant more to increase guest satisfaction as for increase earnings. Our goal is to provide a good overview of alternatives, ease of use, reliability, satisfying the client and also bringing additional income to hotelier.

Transportation is unfortunately one of the strongest emitters of our atmosphere. Our goal is that by joining together in 1 transfer people who are traveling in the same direction on the same date, and using only the latest low-emission vehicles we optimize the amount of pollution to the relation of the positive impact.


Increasing opportunities and facilitate mobility in the least environmentally harmful way.


The whole world is traveling with us Opti-mal!
Company Name: Vista TM d.o.o.
Headquarters: 18 Technology Park, 1000 Ljubljana
Tax number: SI 21026114
Director: Mark Guček
Bank: Bank of Koper, Port Street 14, 6502 Koper
IBAN: SI56 101000044316288


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