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IMPORTANT! Nr. of passengers booking together can significantly influence on the price per person!

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IMPORTANT! When choosing desired time, you can only select one of the options, detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the question mark!

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IMPORTANT! When choosing desired time, you can only select one of the options, detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the question mark!
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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for providing and organizing the transport of persons


Introductory provision – 1. Article – General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the general terms) define the conditions of the sale and purchase of services, organization of services, obligations and responsibilities of legal entities and individuals as customers. Based on the general terms the parties agree on the rights and obligations of both parties in a business relationship, where the company TM VISTA information Systems Ltd, Technology Park 18, 1000 Ljubljana, organizes the transportation of persons (hereinafter referred to as: GOOPTI), and the CLIENT, who orders and purchases the transportation services (CLIENT).

Definitions – 2. Article – Web portal and registered trademark GoOpti are owned by the company TM Vista d.o.o.. GOOPTI acts as; Organizer of own transportation services, Intermediary of transportation services organized by other carriers, Intermediary of tours organized by other tourist agencies. GOOPTI is always acting as a provider of options, and the CLIENT as a recipient of services. GOOPTI in some cases acts as the organizer of their own services - CARRIER. GOOPTI holds a Slovenian transport license NR. G0004522 acquired from the national chamber of commerce on 17.5.2011. GOOPTI in some cases acts as an intermediary of services rendered by other tour and transfer organizers. A CLIENT is any contracted party or whoever orders and purchases GOOPTI services. The client is also the payer of the services. CLIENT utilizes transport vehicle capacity in accordance with the specification stated in general terms. An AGENT is a tourist agency, hotel, tourist information office or any other entity that purchases GOOPTI service on behalf of other people. The mediator must sign in to GOOPTI web portal with a special user name and password, which is assigned to him when signing the contract. OTHER CARRIER is the contractor of transport in cases when GOOPTI acts as an intermediary. All other carriers that are contractors of GOOPTI are contractually obliged to respect GOOPTI general conditions. TRANSPORT AGREEMENT is a contract, in which the carrier bounds to the CLIENT, that he or the passenger, who was named in the booking process, will be transported on a certain route. The client bounds to pay the appropriate fare to the carrier. The TRANSPORT AGREEMENT is valid when the passenger marks, that he read and understood the general conditions published on the website and finalizes the purchase process. TIME OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL is the last time, at which the passenger will be brought to the end location of the route. In case of entering this time GOOPTI is obliged to the bring passenger to the final location of the selected route.

TIME OF THE EARLIEST DEPARTURE is the earliest time, at which the customer is ready for the departure. The table on our website including hours of minimum average time duration between the arrival at the airport and departure and arrival of the flight and arrival from the airport building is only for informative purposes and we are not responsible in case of any delay.

Search of possible transfers and price – 3. Article – Search of possible services and current prices, reservation, payment and confirmation is done through a web portal

In the process of booking services, the CLIENT is required to indicate whether this is a one-way or a reversible transport, number of persons, date of transport and the TIME OF LATEST ARRIVAL or the TIME OF EARLIEST DEPARTURE. All these information affect the cost of transport. Fare is not fixed but is determined by the demand for the service on a particular route on a certain day and time. In the case of transports to the airport or to other location, from where the CLIENT may continue the carriage by air or other carrier, the calculation of the TIME OF LATEST ARRIVAL or the TIME OF EARLIEST DEPARTURE in case of a return is of extreme importance. This calculation is performed by the CLIENT itself, in accordance with the instructions and the requirements of THE OTHER CARRIER, when is the last time of arrival at the departure location, or what time is the arrival expected from the airport building and the opportunity to continue the journey with GOOPTI.

Types of services – 4. Article – After entering the entire data portal offers possible alternatives for this day. GOOPTI offers three different types of services with different constraints and quality of service; VIPflex transport means that this is transport upon instructions of the CLIENT at times desired by the CLIENT, taking place from the address of departure location to the destination address according to the wishes of the CLIENT. Other passengers are not added to the transport service. In the event the TIME OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL is entered in the search engine, the transport is planned so as to arrive at this time or shortly before. In the event the CLIENT entered the TIME OF THE EARLIEST DEPARTURE, the departure of the vehicle will be planned at this time. In this case GOOPTI is not reliable for coming late on destination due to not departing sooner. Transport is carried out with comfortable VIP vehicles (vehicle type is selected according to the number of passengers). CLIENT may cancel reservation by notifying GOOPTI and OTHER CARRIER up to 12 hours before departure and receives a full refund of money paid. Cancelation needs to be in written. Additional benefits when making VIPflex reservations are the following: the embarkation and disembarkation per CLIENT’s desires in multiple locations (up to 8) and free water in the vehicle; VIP transport service means that this a transport based on the CLIENT’s wishes, taking place from the address of departure location to the destination address according to the wishes of the CLIENT. Possible is that other passengers are added to the transport service which have the same desired departure/arrival times. Possible are short stops for picking up other passengers. In the event the TIME OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL is entered in the search engine, the transport is planned so as to arrive at this time or shortly before. In the event the CLIENT entered the TIME OF THE EARLIEST DEPARTURE, the departure of the vehicle will be planned at this time. In this case GOOPTI is not reliable for coming late on destination due to not departing sooner. In case of cancellation the paid money is not returned; FIX transport means that this is a transport according to the system of regular transfers, with known time of departure, arrival and with fixed price per person regardless of the number of passengers. Location of embarkation and disembarkation are precise. In the event of cancellation the paid money is not returned; OPTI transport the most affordable transport service whereby GOOPTI combines individual transportations with the same relationships and similar times. Consequences of combining passengers are waiting and stops at different addresses, hotels, hostels or home addresses. Time of departure / arrival is adapted to different needs of clients who have booked the transport. GOOPTI is trying to combine orders so that there are minor deviations from the desired time. Every relation has its own subpage on the Portal, where is in addition to other information, also an OPTI waiting window, which indicates how many hours is the maximum deviation from the desired time of arrival or departure on the route in each case. In the case of choosing late arrival it may happen that the arrival is up to so many hours before the TIME OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL, and in case of choosing the earliest departure such departure may be so many hours later from the TIME OF THE EARLIEST DEPARTURE. Each relation can have its own OPTI waiting window. We reserve the right to change the  OPTI waiting window for each relation at any time. Location of embarkation and disembarkation are precisely defined. The mentioned locations may be changed, if so desired, for an extra charge. In the event of cancellation the paid money is not returned.GOOPTI reserves the right to change time window of certain route with immediate effect and without any prior announcement.

Reservations, payment and confirmation – 5. Article – When the type of transport is selected on the portal, all details of the transport, the selected time, date, location of embarkation and disembarkation and the potential extra cost are displayed. After selecting the extra cost the CLIENT is asked to enter their details (name, address, mobile telephone number, e-mail, and the user name and password for entering the subpage My Account, where they can review purchases and entered data) as well as the name of the passenger/s, possible addresses and desired embarking or disembarking, flight numbers in the case of continuing with the carriage with an airline and any remarks. The intermediary must enter your mobile phone number in the passenger notes. When all data are entered, CLIENT once again reviews all information entered and selected, and confirms these general conditions. By adopting the general conditions is the CLIENT allowed to proceed to the next step, which is located on a secure server bank GOOPTI and where they make a payment by credit or debit card. Payment is possible by credit cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. GOOPTI is not required to provide services to anyone who does not agree with and accept these terms and conditions. By confirming the general terms and conditions and pressing on the button "continue" the AGENT makes the purchase of transportation without being required to pay by credit or debit card. Intermediaries and agents to pay the invoice of cumulative purchases as agreed in the contract between the intermediary and GOOPTI.

Conclusion of contract – 6. Article – The contract is concluded and the transport confirmed, when payment is made. GOOPTI undertakes that the transport is carried out by the GOOPTI or other transport operators. GOOPTI reserves the right to offer cash compensation instead of performing the transport and recovery of costs. In the event that the customer accepts such an offer in writing, GOOPTI is no longer committed to the implementation of transport. GOOPTI does not perform transports for persons under the age of 15 years (unaccompanied or without an authorized guardian) and animals (unaccompanied and without a prior authorization).

Cancelation or delay by the CLIENT – 7. Article – Cancellation of the order with reimbursement of money paid is only possible in case of a  VIPflex transport but only if GOOPTI and OTHER CARRIER are notified 12 hours before departure and in certain limited cases and amounts in FIX services according to the general conditions of the OTHER CARRIER and in accordance with the Road Transport Act. GOOPTI does not cooperate with airlines and different carriers and the transport agreement concluded between the CLIENT and GOOPTI is independent of airlines and other carriers with whom the CLIENT also has concluded agreements. This means that in case of delays of airline and other carriers GOOPTI is not obliged to wait for the CLIENT and, in the event of extended delays of airline or other carriers , the contract made between GOOPTI and the CLIENT, is cancelled. The longer delay means 15 minutes in the event of latest drop off OPTI choice, 1 hour in the case of soonest pick up OPTI choice and VIP and 2 hours in the case VIPflex transports. The same applies in the case of other unexpected changes, such as: rerouting of arrival of the aircraft to another airport, as it was booked, flight delays due to incorrectly entered TIMES OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL or the EARLIEST DEPARTURE. Changes of OPTI and VIP reservations which have already been confirmed and payed are not possible. In case of cancellation we don`t refund money, but it is possible to receive Promo code in a certain amount of already booked reservation. In cases like this passanger must send us a notification of cancellation on e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Promo code validity of cancellation; noticed more than 21 days prior to the booked transport is 90% of the amount paid; from 10-21 days prior to the booked transport is 60% of amount paid; from 3-9 days prior to the booked transport is 30% of amount paid. Less than 3 days prior to the transfer passenger doesn`t obtain Promo code. Promo code is vald 3 days and can be used only for the same route s original reservation.

Informing passengers – 8. Article  – GOOPTI informs the public about new routes, special prices and other occasional updates via e-mail campaigns. Day before the departure of a confirmed transport the CARRIER’s transport driver or representative of GOOPTI sends SMS message and E-mail to the CLIENT/ passenger and notifies the exact time and location of embarkation and drivers phone number of the transport. In the event of OPTI transport the accurate time of departure is known  1 day before departure itself, when the internet sale closes and is reported to all CLIENTS/ passengers as soon as possible.

The course of driving – 9. Article – The beginning of the drive is defined with a moment, when the CLIENT / passenger occupy its place in the vehicle and the driver starts with the physical movement of a vehicle towards an agreed destination. Suspension of driving between the initial and the final destination means a stopping time, and all passengers leave the vehicle. On shorter routes up to 250 Km such a stopping time is scheduled for up to 10 minutes and 30 minutes on longer routes. Any stopping times, which would last longer, shall be subject to respective agreement made between the CLIENTS /passengers and the driver, and require the consent of them both. The driver shall not be responsible for any delays to the final destination resulting as the driver having to make too frequent stops at the express desire of CLIENTS/ passengers. End of the tour is the time, when all CLIENTS/ passengers leave the vehicle at the final destination. Only in case of VIPflex transportation the transfer is always in direct and fastest way. In case of other transport types are possible special stops at home addresses, hotels and other pick up/drop off stations. Consequentlly is possible that vehicle does not use shortest route and duration of transfer might be longer.

Emergency stops of driving, arriving late and cancelation from GOOPTI side – 10. Article – If the transport is terminated due to causes, which cannot be attributed to the CLIENT / passenger, the CLIENT / passenger has the right to: require that GOOPTI transports them to the desired destination with any other suitable means of transport; require that GOOPTI, transports them with luggage in a reasonable time to the place of departure and return them their fare; cancel the agreement and require reimbursement of fare from GOOPTI. GOOPTI undertakes, in case if the CLIENT has properly entered THE TIME OF THE LATEST ARRIVAL, but is late for the further transport due to late arrival of the transport arranged by the GOOPTI and such delay was not caused by external unforeseen circumstances, over which GOOPTI had no influence and power (impairment of the vehicle and higher force), nor the request of the CLIENT /passenger to make multiple stops, to reimburse the CLIENT thee cost of the performed and further transportation or to provide an alternative further transportation at their own costs. GOOPTi reserves the right to minor deviations from the announced departure hours, which may be result from waiting for other passengers, traffic and other unforeseen factors. OPTI time window may exceed the maximum for an hour and a half in case of delays of other passengers. In case of OPTI and VIP transfers time of departure can be up to 1,5 hours later ithan specified day before departure n case of late arrivals of passengers due to airplanes landing late. This is possible only in case of departures from airports. The CLIENT shall submit the compensation request as defined in this article to GOOPTI no later than within 15 days from the day when the transport was or should have been completed and send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . GOOPTI reserves right to cancel transfer at least 1 month before passenger departure.

Failure of the vehicle and force majeure – 11. Article – In the event of failure of the vehicle GOOPTI commits to provide an alternative transport. If a replacement vehicle can not be provided within 4 hours since it was broken down due to defects, GOOPTI fully reimburses the CLIENT the costs of the travel / services. THE CLIENT shall in the event of a failure, not be entitled to recover any other costs as listed or to recover any compensation. In the event of termination of services due to force majeure (congestion on the road, bad weather, etc.), and immediate continuation of the journey is not possible, GOOPTI shall not be responsible for any damages, nor refund money paid for transportation.

Security and prohibitions relating to the conduct of passengers in the vehicle – 12. Article – All vehicles being used for GOOPTI services are licensed to carry passengers, are properly insured and inspected and are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia. Accident insurance of the CLIENT / passengers is included in the price of transport. Additional duties of the driver of the vehicle impose an obligation of acting in accordance with the principles of economy, both in relation to the vehicle as well as to the passengers. In the case of dangerous behaviour of passengers, in which such behaviour may cause bodily injury to themselves and others, the driver must immediately stop driving, and protect the safety of other passengers and vehicle before continuing their journey. The passenger in the vehicle should not be opening the doors while driving, throwing objects in the vehicle or from the vehicle, obstruct other passengers in embarking and disembarking, smoke, destroy or dispose of equipment or pollute the vehicle. The passenger is liable to pay compensation in accordance with the law or damages resulting as a breach of this prohibition. It is not allowed to enter hazardous items in the vehicle, especially firearms, explosives, flammable and corrosive substances and objects, which may interfere with passengers or cause damage to passengers, their property or things.

The exclusion of a passenger from transport – 13. Article – The carrier shall not be obliged to accept persons, for which can due to their behaviour be reasonably assumed that they will prevent the carrier from meeting its obligations toward other passengers. CARRIER may exclude a passenger from carriage, who bothers other passengers with their behaviour or who fails to comply with regulations concerning public order and peace, without having to pay back the fare. The driver shall not prevent an entry into the vehicle to a person or should remove from the vehicle a person who is violent or nuisance to other passengers, and who poses a threat to drive or to other passengers with their behaviour, or who wishes to enter inappropriate luggage or dangerous substances onto the bus.

Luggage – 14. Article – THE CLIENT / passenger is entitled to three pieces of baggage weighting up to 35 kg in total, of which can be 1 piece with the max. dimensions 60x35x85 cm, 1 piece with the max. dimensions je 53x31x75 cm and 1 piece with the max. dimensions 40x20x55 cm. If the weight and dimensions of luggage exceed the declared value and the driver does not have enough space in the vehicle, the driver may refuse carriage of such luggage. Additional luggage or special luggage of specific dimensions, such as for example musical instruments, sports equipment, bikes, ski equipment, surfboard equipment and alike is possible based on prior arrangement / reservation and additional charge. Max. dimensions of such luggage are 150x40x75 and must not weight more than 30kg per piece. Bikes and special luggage must be properly packed to avoid filth and damaging luggage of other passengers. In cases that additional luggage is not previously mentioned, surcharged or is packed inappropriate, the driver may refuse to transport such luggage, if the vehicle is not adequate or doesn`t have suitable space for safe carriage of passengers and baggage. Exceeded weight is charged 1€/kg. It is not permitted to enter and transport any dangerous goods, such as radioactive materials, explosives, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, with butane or propane gas, weapons, knives, poisons, corrosive substances, acid, magnets, infectious materials: the viruses and bacteria , drugs and alike in the van. The driver and GOOPTI shall not be responsible for personal belongings lost or forgotten in the vehicle

Professional secrecy – 15. Article – GOOPTI shall regard all the data and information contained in contracts or in relation to enforcement of contracts as a trade secret. This provision does not apply to information which must, based on the existing legislation, be provided to eligible persons.

Protection of personal data – 16. Article – THE CLIENT authorizes GOOPTI and allows that their personal data is collected, stored, processed, used and transmitted in connection with any GOOPTI proceedings. GOOPTI agrees to protect all personal information of the CONTRACTING AUTHROTY / passengers in accordance with applicable laws governing the protection of personal data.

Complaints made by CLIENTS / passengers – 17. Article – CLIENT / passenger may complain regarding the quality and method of performing transport services. The CLIENT/ passenger shall submit the appeal in to the address of the company not later than within 15 days of the performed transport service. GOOPTI shall respond to the passenger’s claim within 14-days of its receipt.

Final Provisions – 18. Article – The parties shall strive to resolve any disagreement by mutual agreement. Should this not be possibl. General terms and conditions apply from 3.10.2013.


In Ljubljana, 2.10.2013

Direktor TM Vista d.o.o.,

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