COVID-19: Frequently asked questions and answers related to bookings and travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Can I reschedule my booked GoOpti transfer to another date?

The system allows only cancellations and repurchases of transfers. In case the cancellation is made by the GoOpti platform, passengers will be entitled to a discount code in the full amount of the payment.

The discount code I received is too low. Is it possible to get one with a higher amount?

If the cancellation occurred on our part, we have sent you a 100% discount code based on the amount paid. If you canceled the transfer, you only received a partial discount code. If you have already used a discount code when booking the canceled transfer, please let us know via chat and provide the booking number.

Can I receive a refund for an already booked ride?

You can get a full refund for the booked transport only when canceling the type of transport that offers that possibility (Private refundable GoOpti transfer). If you cancel another type of transfer, you are entitled to a partial discount code, which you can redeem on your next booking.