GoOpti Referral Program Terms & Conditions

GoOpti Referral Program (Bring a friend!) allows customers to refer (Referrer) the GoOpti services to a friend (Referred friend). The Referrer shall receive a Discount and the Referred Friend will receive a special Referral Discount for the purchase as defined in these T&C.

Customers of the BROKER who wish to participate in the Referral Program must agree with these T&C.

The referral can be made through Email, Facebook or Twitter.


Referrer – is a natural person that refers the GoOpti services to another person (Referred friend) and can according with these T&C receive a Discount.

Referred friend – is a person that received a referral from the Referrer and may in accordance with these T&C receive a Referral Discount.

Referral Discount – is a deduction of the price in the amount as granted by the BROKER, received by the Referred friend.

BROKER - means the GOOPTI GROUP as defined in the standard T&C

GoOpti services – are the services of Brokerage and the services of carriage as provided by the CARRIER through the GoOpti platform.

myDiscounts – is a section (a tab) in the GoOpti account where the Discount is listed and can be redeemed by the User.


Referrer can receive a Discount if:

• The Referred friend has not yet been a Booking Owner in the GoOpti services.
• The Referred friend has not yet registered at and his/her contact data have not been entered at any booking of a GoOpti service.
• The Referred friend makes a purchase according to instructions in the referral message.
• There are no open issues regarding the referral and/or Referrer and/or Referred friend, such as fraudulent activity, Referrer and/or Referred friend is a bot, the Referrer did not conclude the referral through the GoOpti landing page etc.
• The Referred friend must complete a purchase of GoOpti Services before the Referrer is granted a Discount.

The Referrer shall be credited with the Discount that can be used through GoOpti account in the myDiscounts section.


The Discount shall appear in the myDiscounts section of the GoOpti account where it can be redeemed by the Referrer.

The Discount can only be used for purchases of the GoOpti services by creating the code for a discount (redeemed Discount) and used with the next purchase.

The redeemed Discount must be used in one year after the Referred friend has made the purchase. The Discount cannot be used in combination with other Discounts and Discount codes from different accounts together in a single purchase or bundled/combined in one account.

The Discount acquired through referral cannot be exchanged for cash or money in any form. Selling/trading or other similar activities with the discount code (redeemed Discount) generated in myDiscounts is prohibited and will result in cancelation of the code.

The Referrer is prohibited to receive a Discount through creation of multiple GoOpti accounts or other similar practices. GoOpti account and/or discount code and/or link of the Referrer and Referred friend shall be canceled and deleted if any practice of the Referrer or the Referred friend is considered fraudulent and/or abusive and all the discounts in the GoOpti account shall be annulled.


Referred friend shall also receive a Discount in the amount as granted by the BROKER if and when the Referred friend makes a purchase. Referred friend can only use the Discount if the person is a natural person and a new Booking owner. Booking owner is a person listed as the first PASSENGER in the booking of the GoOpti services. Any person which was, prior to the referral booking, already a booking owner is thus not eligible for the Referral Discount as the Referred friend. A Referred friend may only use one referral link. If a Referred friend receives referral links from multiple Referrers, only the corresponding Referrer of the referral link used by the Referred friend will receive a Discount.


The BROKER can without prior notice discontinue the Referral Program; it may suspend the Program for a limited period and terminate the Program in whole at any time for any reason. These Terms & Conditions may change without notice and with effect on all Discounts or incentives and/or other details of the Program. If any provision in these Terms & Conditions is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

The Discount in myDiscounts obtained through fraudulent behavior and/or activities is void and null. The BROKER may delete the GoOpti account and delete the Discount in myDiscounts and/or redeemed Discount if the BROKER deems the activity of the user or on the account is abusive or fraudulent or the BROKER has reason to believe the account shall be used for activities of such nature. A fraudulent activity is also publishing or selling Discounts, received under the Referral Program, on public web portals with mass offers of discounts or other benefits. The BROKER reserves the right to cancel or remove any referral links that are of the same nature. The BROKER shall take no other liability from this Referral program than the promised Discount for the Referrer and the promised Referral Discount for the Referred friend.

The BROKER has sole discretion to cancel or change any and all activities or granted Discount and/or Referral Discount as we deem fair and appropriate.

10 May 2018