Affordable and comfortable transfers: Trieste - Treviso Airport

  • Triest, Italien
  • Flughafen (TSF), Treviso, Italien
  • Entfernung 144km
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Transfer from Trieste to Treviso Airport

Treviso Airport is part of Venice Airport System and every year more than two million passengers pass through the airport. It is about 20 kilometers away from Venice Airport. Two airline companies, Ryanair and Wizz Air offer flights to and from 38 destinations across Europe. Treviso Airport is one of the most visited airports by GoOpti passengers.

The start of the transfer

GoOpti can pick you up at 14 different locations in Trieste and its surrounding towns. You can also decide to get picked up at your home address, in front of your workplace or at any other location of your choosing. One day before the booked transfer, GoOpti will send you an SMS and an e-mail containing the exact location and time of departure. When you arrive at the pick-up location, the GoOpti driver will introduce himself and check if all the passengers who have booked the transport are present. The driver will also take care of all your luggage and make sure it is safely stored in the back compartment of the vehicle. After all the passengers are safely and comfortably seated and have fastened their seat belts, the transfer can begin.

The course of the transfer

Treviso Airport is located 144 kilometers from Trieste and the comfortable and reliable GoOpti transfer usually lasts around an hour and a half. Your GoOpti driver will take the E70 highway from Trieste towards Venice and later continue on the A4 highway. He will take the Meolo/Roncade exit and drive on the regional road for another 20 minutes before arriving to the airport.

Planned breaks

GoOpti drivers have to stop for a 15-minute break every two and a half hours of driving. Since the transfer to Treviso Airport usually takes less time, no breaks are planned during this transfer. If the transfer takes longer because of different circumstances on the road, your GoOpti driver will make sure to include an additional break in the transfer. Passengers can always ask for an unplanned break. The first break, which can last up to 15 minutes, can be organized at the request of just one passenger. For every additional break all the passengers must come to a consensus.

Where we will drop you off

Your GoOpti driver will drop you off at the parking area in front of the airport building. Just a few steps later you will be taking the stairway to the first floor to start your airport procedures.

About Treviso Airport

You can read more about Treviso Airport here.

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