Afraid for your safety at train and bus stations?

For the same price, you can get from home to airport in a much friendlier and more comfortable way.


Why travel with GoOpti?

GoOpti transfers offer the best combination of comforts of your own car and affordability of the public transport. With more than half a million passengers so far, GoOpti could be perfect also for you:

− comfort of a car for the price of a bus

− professional user-rated drivers

− mobile friendly on-line booking platform

− pick-up and drop-off at home.

GoOpti transfers are renowned for their reliability, for a small surcharge you can even buy Absolutely no worries package, where you get a new airline ticket if you miss your flight because of road or traffic conditions.

Incredible price per quality ratio

Because of innovative new way to plan transfers, we have affordable prices while still maintaining a fleet of clean modern vans driven by professional well trained drivers. Our passengers love us, especially when it comes to transfers between cities and airports.

− guaranteed pick-up

− 94% customer satisfaction rate

− 15.000 passengers per month

− connecting 8 airports and 15 cities in Italy

− custom locations

− lots of space for luggage

Don't wait to find out how safe are bus and train stations, book GoOpti transfer and get from home to airport in a proper way.

Just a little hint: earlier you book before the transfer, lower the price.