Find answers to frequently asked questions about the GoOpti booking process – how, where and when to book the cheapest transfers.

When can I book a transfer?

  • If you want to book a Shared transfer, you must do so at most two days before the actual transfer date by following the booking process on our website. Example: If you want to travel on Wednesday, you need to book your transfer by 11:59 pm on Monday. In general, prices are lower if you book early. You can also buy last-minute tickets up to 2 hours before the transfer (but only for the seats that are still available).

Can I book the transfer over the phone?

Yes, the transfer can be purchased over the phone on any weekday between 8:00 and 18:00 at the number +386 1 888 93 71. For purchases made over the phone, an additional administrative fee of 5 € will be charged, in addition to the transfer cost.
This phone line is specifically designated for arranging bookings or changes to an existing booking.

You can also book the transfer through one of our partner travel agencies and hotels.

Can I book a transfer for today or tomorrow?

All Shared transfers need to be booked at least two days in advance, but you can get the remaining Shared transfer tickets up to 2 hours before the transfer or book a private transfer if it is available on the selected route.

How can I make a booking when there are 5 people travelling in one direction but only 4 people in the return direction?

We suggest you make 2 separate bookings, one for the outgoing direction for 5 people and one for the return direction for 4 people.

How can I make a purchase if I arrive at a different airport than the one I depart from?

If the departure airport is different from the return airport, it is necessary to arrange two separate bookings.

I have a discount code. How can I use it?

You insert the discount code at the last step of the purchase prior entering your credit card information. The code can be used in a single amount, any unused amount cannot be transferred or paid out in cash.

When will I receive the invoice?

When making an online purchase as a natural person, you will receive the invoice by e-mail on the day of the transfer.

Can I get an invoice on behalf of my company?

It is possible to get an invoice for your company. During the booking process, you need to select that you want an invoice issued to your company and provide the company details so we can prepare and send you the invoice. However, please note that the confirmation document you receive by email after your purchase is also a valid invoice.

Your website does not seem to be working. What should I do?

Reload the website or open it in another browser. We recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser and accessing via a desktop/laptop instead of a mobile phone. You can also try to clean the cookies that are saved in your web browser. If this does not work, you can book our services by visiting one of our sales partners.

I haven’t received a confirmation email. What can I do?

The booking is successfully completed when you arrive to the last step of the booking process and the system gives you your ticket number and the summary of all transfer details. That is when our system automatically sends you the booking confirmation to the email address, which you inserted in the booking process.

  • If you did not arrive to the last step of the booking and did not receive a confirmation email, your booking probably failed. In this case, wait a few minutes and try again.
  • If you did not arrive to the last step of the booking but you received a confirmation email, your booking was successful, but there was a technical problem. You can find your booking in the myOpti section.
  • If you arrived to the last step of the booking process but did not receive the confirmation email, try the following:
    1. Wait for 2 minutes.
    2. Check your spam (junk mail) folder. Sometimes, our emails are treated as unsolicited and automatically end up in spam.
    3. If you still cannot find our email, visit myOpti and check your personal data. Make sure the email address you entered is correct. If not, you can change it.
    4. To view your current bookings, click on View your bookings in the myOpti section. All your bookings should be listed on that page. If the booking you search for is not listed, it was not successfully completed.
    5. In case you still have not managed to find the booking confirmation, please contact us via chat.

What is the process of concluding the brokerage contract?

The brokerage contract is a contract concluded between GoOpti (brokering the transfer service) and the ordering party (buying the transfer service) when the latter accepts the GoOpti Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and completes the order of brokerage in the booking process at

Before the booking is completed and the brokerage contract concluded, you (as the ordering party) need to provide all mandatory data in the booking process at (e.g. pick-up and drop-off location(s), date, time, number of passengers, etc.), select an offer, potentially provide flight info and sign in to the website by accepting the GoOpti Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. At the last step of the booking, where the system shows you a summary of the booking, you can also check in additional luggage, edit passenger data, enter a discount code or order other services, such as the Absolutely No Worries package. Before the booking is completed, you also need to choose the mode of payment (credit card) and pay the order by clicking the “Pay” button.

When the payment is confirmed, the brokerage contract is concluded and GoOpti can start brokering the transfer. The GoOpti platform will send a voucher (booking confirmation) to the e-mail address provided in the booking, which confirms that the order of the transfer brokerage is completed and which binds GoOpti to carry out the services in line with the GoOpti Terms and Conditions. When you receive the booking confirmation, the order of the transfer brokerage is accepted, and GoOpti undertakes to carry out the brokering process and organize the optimal carrier and ensures that the selected carrier shall execute the transfer as requested in the booking, except in cases defined in the GoOpti Terms and Conditions.

The booking confirmation and a summary of the transfer order are stored in the GoOpti platform and can be accessed anytime in myOpti. To access your bookings, log in to our website with your username and password or with your Facebook account to view booking data for transfers which have been or are yet to be provided. The booking confirmation sent to you by e-mail after the booking also contains a direct link to the booking data available in myOpti.

What is the process of concluding the contract of carriage?

The contract of carriage is a contract with which the carrier agrees to transport the ordering party/passenger to the designated location, while the ordering party agrees to pay the fee for the services to the carrier.

When the carrier accepts the transfer offer brokered by GoOpti, the GoOpti platform sends an SMS message and an email to the mobile telephone number and email address provided in the booking, which contains information about the carrier, the driver's contact and other transfer details. When the carrier accepts the order (at least one (1) hour before the beginning of the planned transfer), the contract of carriage is concluded between you (as the ordering party) and the carrier.

The carrier is not yet selected when the booking is made. By accepting our Terms and Conditions in the booking process, you authorize GoOpti to select, on your behalf, a carrier that will carry out the transfer your ordered, and you agree that the GoOpti platform can connect you with the carrier at least one (1) hour before the beginning of the planned transfer.

In case you ordered the transfer but are not also the passenger, the contract of carriage is concluded between the passenger and the carrier when the passenger enters the vehicle. If the transfer is carried out by more than one carrier, of which you are informed together with the information about the carriers, the contract of carriage is concluded with each carrier individually for each respective segment of the transfer.

The email and SMS message sent by the GoOpti platform to the ordering party/passenger are also stored in the GoOpti platform and can be resent to the ordering party/passenger anytime upon request.

How can I detect and correct mistakes in the booking before completing it?

In the booking process, the GoOpti transfer search engine will ask you to fill in the data of the desired transfer and it will show visible warnings (and will not allow you to proceed) if the required data are not entered. This way, the GoOpti system will prevent you from buying a transfer without entering important data, such as date, route, pick-up/drop-off time, etc.

At every step of the booking process, info about the selected route and date is visible on top of the page. Also, up until the final step (payment), you also have a “change search” link that allows you to change the order parameters (the locations of pick-up/drop-off, the number of passengers, whether it is a return or one-way transfer, the date of the transfer and the desired pick-up/drop-off time).

If you are booking a transfer to or from an airport, the GoOpti flight checking tool allows you to enter your flight data and verify if the selected timings are appropriate. If you forget to enter flight data and wish to proceed to the next step, the system will remind you to fill in the data. If you do not have a flight, you can click on “skip this step”, and the system will show an additional alert before allowing you to proceed. Why? To timely detect technical mistakes, GoOpti has set up an API connection with through which we automatically check all the dates and hours of passengers traveling to airports who enter their flight details on our website. If the selected date and time of the transfer do not correspond to the date and time of the flight, the system will automatically notify you and suggest changes to the time/date of the transfer.

Before you pay, you also receive a summary of the booking, where you can check the data again and change them if necessary. In this step, you can also add the Absolutely No Worries package, extra luggage, edit passenger data, etc.