Can you miss a flight? All the information about possible delays of GoOpti transfers to airports, ports, bus stations, etc.

Can I miss my flight?

Unfortunately, such things can always occur, but the entire GoOpti team is constantly doing its best to make sure all passengers arrive at their destinations in good time. This is why we always adjust the travel time taking into account the weather forecast, traffic conditions and other events we might face on the road. We will do our best to drop you off at your destination by the latest drop-off time chosen when you booked.

Still, the ever unpredictable weather and traffic conditions might unexpectedly prevent a timely arrival at your destination. To make sure you really have a carefree voyage, we suggest you to select the Absolutely No Worries package at booking and say goodbye to all worries and trouble: if you miss your flight, GoOpti provides you with a new flight ticket or organizes a substitute ride and, if needed, also books an overnight stay at a nearby hotel. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Bear in mind: when you book a transfer to the airport, please make sure to select an appropriate latest drop-off time to avoid the possibility of missing your flight and to ensure enough time to register your luggage, check in and board the plane. Please bear in mind that the latest drop-off time is NOT the time of your plane’s departure, but the latest time you need to arrive at the airport. If, for example, your flight departs at 8 o'clock, we suggest you set the latest drop-off time to 6 o'clock. This way, you will have enough time to hand over your bags at the check-in counter, collect your boarding pass and take your seat on the plane.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

As soon as you find out your flight is delayed, please call your driver and inform him/her about the delay! You can also call the GoOpti help center at +386 1 320 4530 or send an email to

For more info, please refer to Article 7 of GoOpti Terms & Conditions of Carriage

If you bought the Absolutely No Worries package:

GoOpti will arrange a free substitute transfer to the chosen destination within 6 hours after the delayed plane’s landing.

Please inform us about the delay immediately, regardless of the transfer type chosen at booking.

How long will you wait for me if I’m late?

If you are late to a pick-up location other than an airport/port, we will wait for you up to 5 minutes after the determined departure time. If you are late at an airport or port, but your plane/ship has already arrived, we will wait for you another 15 minutes after the determined departure time.