Get the best prices for GoOpti transfers – read the FAQ on how to lower the price of your desired transfer.

Why do prices change from one day to another?

The price you obtain when entering transfer data during the booking process depends on the route you choose, the desired pick-up/drop-off time, the number of passengers, the demand, the date of booking, etc. Usually, the price is lower if you book earlier and/or if more people book together.

Can the price change after I make a booking?

After you complete a booking (including the payment), the price cannot change anymore, except if you change the booking by adding extra luggage or The Absolutely No Worries Package or change the departure/destination location.

I booked a GoOpti transfer. Will the price change if no one else joins me in the vehicle?

The price you pay at the end of the booking process is the final price. The price will stay the same even if you are the only passenger in the vehicle.

How can I get the lowest transfer price?

The price depends on several factors, one of them being the time of purchase, which means that the transfer prices are mostly lower if the booking is made as early as possible. In any case, the price is also influenced by demand, route, vehicle occupancy etc.

Is the transfer cheaper if more people book together?

In general, transfer prices are lower if more people book together, but this depends on the time of booking and the route.

Will the price be lower if I wait a few more days before I book?

In general, the price is lower if you book early, so we recommend you to book the transfer as soon as possible.

Do I pay less for a child’s ticket?

The ticket price is per passenger regardless of the age, so prices for adults and children are the same.

I cannot find my credit card. Can you freeze the current transfer price for two hours until I find my credit card?

Unfortunately, we can never freeze a transfer price or guarantee you the same price a few days later. To obtain a transfer at the current price, you need to complete the booking.