Check out the frequently asked questions about Shared and Private GoOpti transfers, the flexibility window and more.

What is the difference between shared and private transfers?

GoOpti offers different types of transfers with respect to different wishes, budgets and flexibility of our customers. For additional information about each transfer type and their differences, click here.

What is the flexibility window?

The flexibility window is only available with Shared transfers. During the booking process, it lets you adjust the price of your transfer by selecting among different pick-up time intervals. The maximum span of the flexibility window differs according to each route.

The exact departure time is sent to you one day before the transfer. Our optimization system tries to set the exact pick-up time as close as possible to your desired departure time, but it is very important to choose the right time option when booking:

  • The arrival time is the suitable choice when you need to arrive at your destination until a certain time limit (to catch a flight, to arrive on time to a meeting, etc.).
  • The departure time is the suitable option when you need to depart as soon as possible from your departure location, but are not strictly limited with the time of arrival to your destination.

What are the regular GoOpti routes?

GoOpti organizes several transportation routes in different countries. To view all our available routes, click

Where can you pick me up?

We can pick you up wherever you want. The cheapest option is to choose one of the standard GoOpti pick-up locations offered by the system at booking, but you can also choose to be picked up at home, at your workplace or somewhere else. You can enter the exact pick-up location in the booking form on our homepage.

Why does the booking system only offer me a private transfer but not a shared transfer?

If the booking search only offers you a Private transfer, this means that Shared transfers are not available on the chosen route, or all seats are already booked.

What kind of vehicles do you use for transporting passengers?

We organize transfers by mini vans, personal cars, and buses. Our vehicles are adapted to passenger transport and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. They are regularly cleaned, maintained and serviced. Our vehicle fleet is composed of the latest models.

How will I recognize a GoOpti vehicle?

You will easily recognize our mini vans as most of them are branded. One hour before the transfer, we will inform you about the vehicle's license plate number and you can also contact your driver if you have trouble finding your ride.

What is the luggage allowance?

Each passenger is allowed to take 1x hand luggage up to 4kg and 1x cabin luggage up to 10kg (55x40x23 cm). We can only transport additional baggage if declared at booking – luggage up to 20kg (maximum dimensions 70x57x32 cm) or luggage up to 32kg (maximum dimensions 93x76x42 cm).

Can you transport larger special luggage?

Special luggage transportation is possible only in cases when the luggage does not exceed maximum dimensions 132 x 73 x 18 cm. Please declare the special luggage at the last step of the purchase. In case special luggage exceeds maximum dimensions, please bear in mind we will not be able to transport it.

It is obligatory that you contact us right after the purchase of your GoOpti transfer and inform us about the type of special luggage and its dimensions. Contact us via chat or e-mail [email protected].

Can you provide a child seat?

Please choose a suitable child seat at the last step of the purchase; child seat is free of charge. The type of child seat depends on the weight of the child at the time of travel, so please be careful when choosing the seat.

Transfer price for a child is the same as for adult person.


How can I file a complaint regarding your services?

Complaints can be filed within 15 days following the transfer. For easier traceability, complaints can only be filed in the myOpti section on the GoOpti website.

GoOpti neither accepts nor responds to complaints received by email.

To submit a complaint, sign in to the GoOpti website, visit myOpti, find your transfer and fill out a complaint form. If you are not the buyer of the transfer, you can find the transfer in myOpti with the help of the booking number and the first passenger’s e-mail address.

Complaints can also be submitted for already canceled bookings within 15 days after cancellation.

We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible.

May I take my pet with me when I travel with GoOpti?

For safety reasons, carriage of smaller animals (e.g. cats, dogs) is only possible with a Private transfer upon prior written approval by GoOpti and only if the pet is accompanied by an adult person.

If you want to travel with your pet, please contact us via chat before purchasing your transfer.

The same procedure should be followed for guide and assistance dogs accompanying disabled passengers. They are always welcome on board, but you need to let us know beforehand and provide appropriate certificates.

Please note that GoOpti may refuse the transfer of your pet if it can be considered unsafe or impossible due to the pet's type, size or condition or due to our transport capacities. Also, please bear in mind that animals always need to be safely placed in an appropriate animal transport box and can never travel alone – only in the company and under the supervision of their responsible owner. The transfer of your animal is free of charge.

What are the options of out-of-court dispute resolution?

An out-of-sort dispute resolution concerning online purchases is enabled by the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform.

In the case of consumer disputes, GoOpti does not acknowledge any specific body/person for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which would have jurisdiction in out-of-court consumer disputes that might be launched by the customer.