Affordable and comfortable transfers: Venice Marco Polo Airport - Ljubljana

  • Аэропорт Марко Поло (VCE), Венеция, Италия
  • Любляна, Словения
  • Расстояние 232km
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Трансферы гарантированы на 100%, даже если вы один пассажир!
Трансферы гарантированы на 100%, даже если вы один пассажир! Забронируйте сейчас. Гарантировано на 100%!

Venice Marco Polo Airport - Ljubljana

Passengers that fly to Marco Polo Airport in Venice, whether being Slovenian or foreigners travelling to Slovenia, often decide to choose the GoOpti transfer to Ljubljana. Because it is well connected to Europe and the world, major part of GoOpti passengers land at Marco Polo Airport.

The start of the transfer

After your plane has landed at Marco Polo Airport and you have claimed your luggage and passed through the border control, you will see exit D on your right. Your GoOpti driver will be waiting for you in front of the covered D exit on the second lane at a bus and van parking spot or just a bit further at the parking space in front of the terminal. One day before the booked transfer, GoOpti will send you an SMS and an e-mail containing the exact location and time of departure. When you arrive at the pick-up location, the GoOpti driver will introduce himself and check if all the passengers who have booked the transport are present. The driver will also take care of all your luggage and make sure it is safely stored in the back compartment of the vehicle. After all the passengers are safely and comfortably seated and have fastened their seat belts, the transfer can begin.

The course of the transfer

Ljubljana is located about 230 kilometers from Marco Polo Airport and the comfortable and reliable GoOpti transfer usually lasts two hours and 20 minutes. Your GoOpti vehicle will take you from the airport to the A4 highway towards Trieste and leave the highway at Villese where the vehicle will take the A24 motorway towards Nova Gorica. Once you pass the border with Slovenia, the GoOpti driver will continue driving on the H4 motorway towards Razdrto and then take the A1 highway towards Ljubljana.

Anticipated breaks

GoOpti drivers have to stop for a 15-minute break every two and a half hours of driving. Since the transfer from Marco Polo Airport to Ljubljana usually takes less time, no breaks are planned during this transfer. If the transfer duration is prolonged because of different circumstances on the road, the GoOpti driver will make sure to include an additional break in the transfer. The passengers can always ask for an unplanned break. The first break, which can last up to 15 minutes, can be organized at the request of just one passenger. For every additional break all the passengers must come to a consensus.

Where we will drop you off

The GoOpti vehicle can drop you off at 24 different locations in Ljubljana. You can also decide to be dropped-off at your home or work address or any other location of your choosing.

About Ljubljana

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s largest city and its capital. It is located close to the geographical center of the country and has about 280,000 inhabitants. The streets of Ljubljana have undergone major renovations in the past few years, making the city a more attractive tourist as well as business destination. The city has become European Green Capital 2016 and has also been named one of the TOP 100 sustainable world destinations.

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