What to do if Ryanair cancels your flight?

If you happen to be among those who had their Ryanair flight cancelled, it is good to know your rights and what you can do to solve the situation as easily and peacefully as possible, especially if you also booked a GoOpti transfer.
What to do if Ryanair cancels your flight?

1What to do if Ryanair cancels your flight?

Claim your rights as an air passenger in the event of flight cancellation. If your flight gets cancelled, you are entitled to claim from the airline:

  • a comparable other mode of transport to your final destination or
  • a reimbursement of the flight ticket cost and, in certain cases, a free transport to the location from which you started your journey,
  • info about your rights and the reasons the flight was cancelled. Ryanair notifies its passengers by SMS and e-mail.
  • DAMAGES: Damages depend on the length of the route and certain other factors.

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What can you do if your flight has been cancelled and you have already bought a GoOpti transfer?

  • If your GoOpti transfer is scheduled in more than 14 days:

Cancel your GoOpti transfer in the myOpti section and you will receive a discount code in the value of 80% of the purchase price. The code can be used instantly to book another GoOpti transfer, or saved for a later purchase.

  • If your GoOpti transfer is scheduled in less than 14 days:

Contact us at +386 1 320 4530 (press No. 3 for urgent cases).
Our Contact Center agents will do their best to help you arrange a new GoOpti transfer (in accordance with availabilities), and minimize the costs of the change as much as possible.

If you incur additional expenses, you are again advised to apply for a reimbursement by filing a refund/compensation claim with the airline.

Claims can be filed with the help of the following forms:

If you believe that Ryanair is not respecting the provisions, we recommend you to contact a company specialized in compensation clams, which will negotiate with the airline on your behalf in exchange for a commission:

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