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Vienna Airport


Vienna Airport is one of the most important airports for Central and Eastern Europe. More than 22 million passengers fly to or from Vienna Airport on more than 200 thousand flights every year. Since 2013, Vienna Airport has three terminals. The biggest is the third terminal, which spans over three floors. More than 100 airline companies fly to and from Vienna Airport. Their most common destinations are located in Europe, but the companies also offer a wide selection of flights to Africa, Asia, Australia as well as to North, South and Central America.

Getting around

One of the largest airports in the region consists of three terminals, but most of the traffic goes through Terminal 3. Airport staff advise the passengers to arrive at the airport with enough spare time, because moving from one terminal to another takes quite some time. There is a shopping center close to the airport and many fashion, sport and drug stores at the airport itself. The restaurant and coffee bar selection is immense: Burger King, AirBrew cafe, Heineken Bar, Starbucks, McDonald’s are just a few of the most popular places to eat and drink. Most of them are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., while the airport itself is open 24 hours a day.


Vienna Airport is fully covered with a free Wi-Fi network. You can also use faster connections provided by restaurants and bars.

How to reach the airport and where to park

The largest Austrian airport is located in the southwest part of Vienna and reachable by highway from all sides. Many open-air parking spaces and garages are available. It is essential that you choose the parking area which is as close to the airport as possible, since the airport itself is large and the walk from the parking area can quickly become too long. The cheapest parking area is not always the best option. The average parking fee per week is around EUR 90.

When to arrive at the airport

The airline companies at Vienna Airport often warn passengers that the optimal time to arrive at the airport is three hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. A mass of more than 60 thousand passengers is daily present at Vienna Airport, so procedures at the luggage drop-off area and border control can take a lot of time.

Lieu de départ

While on arrivals on the ground floor, turn right, pass by INFO point. Take the escalator to the first floor. Exit through Terminal 3, GoOpti vehicle will be waiting on the driveway.



Arrivées GoOpti

GoOpti vehicle will drop you off on the first floor - Drop Off area for Departures at Terminal 3.


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Découvrez pourquoi GoOpti est plus pratique que la voiture, moins cher que le taxi et plus fiable que les transport en commun.

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