About us

GoOpti is a fast growing demand responsive transportation marketplace startup, providing innovative matching of passengers for shared and private transfers between airports and remote towns /cities. Take a few moments and let us take you on a special GoOpti ride.
We conquer every road

1We conquer every road

Where did it all begin?

Marko, Sašo and Tomaž, three enthusiastic travellers, had two things in common – the love for traveling and the disbelief of how difficult it was to get to the airport from which they could fly and begin their travel.

Each and every time they booked a plane ticket to their destination, the crazy search for airport transfer began. Taxi was too expensive, airport shuttles didn’t take them to distant airports, public transport was almost non-existent and absolutely no one could adapt to their flight times nor provide a decent service.

So they came up with the idea to form a company, which will help fellow travellers to get to and from the airports in optimal time, on any day and hence named it GoOpti.

They did not want to be another transportation startup so they set themselves ambitious goals of providing the best in class service and infuse it with their values.


GoOpti will never be late for scheduled pick-ups and will go through with transfer even if just one person booked it. GoOpti will do more than anyone in the industry to reach destinations on time. And most important – we will make sure we follow our motto: .


GoOpti fleet will be composed of modern and spacious vans. They will be immaculately clean. GoOpti will pick the passenger up at their home and drop them off at a custom location, so they don't need to haul their luggage around.

Fair Price

Because GoOpti plans and manages transfers, the company will be able to offer better prices than other types of transport. Even more, if you take in account tolls and parking costs, GoOpti will be more affordable than a car ride.

Easy to use

From the moment a passenger books their GoOpti transfer, GoOpti takes care of everything and the passenger is able to focus on their final destination.

First GoOpti transfer

The beginnings were hard and sometimes really fun at the same time. The very first GoOpti customer was waiting for his transfer long before the first GoOpti van with distinctive pink tires and the first GoOpti driver were on the road. And Tomaž didn’t have a choice but to drive the customer from Ljubljana to Venice Airport by himself. And of course, he got lost on the very first ride. But GoOpti lived up to its name right then and there – no matter the complications, the passenger arrived at the airport in time for his flight.

GoOpti expanded beyond all expectations

Orders started flooding in and more and more vans and drivers were needed. We expanded fast and before we knew we were already a strong team of 40 connecting 27 airports and whole of Slovenia.

Let’s go abroad!

Having achieved such a success in the home country we did not stop there. We were already connecting Slovenians with airports in Croatia, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Austria. However, we discovered now the Italians needed our help. So the Verona office was opened in December 2015 and Tomaž, the very first unplanned GoOpti driver took control of the Italian team while Marko and Sašo keep on their work home and are already making plans for the next big expansion.

What’s next?

We believe that we will soon become a better choice than personal car on any route in our destinations map and the no. 1 airport shuttle service in small towns to mid-size cities by offering affordable shared or private professional transportation service to airports.

So where will GoOpti take you next? Well, this one will remain a secret but we are dreaming of Flamenco dancing in Spain, enjoying chocolate tasting in the Swiss Alps, dropping in to Germany for the Oktoberfest, waltzing in Vienna and perhaps visiting you in your city.