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Commence your journey towards success by becoming a GoOpti franchise partner and establishing a flourishing enterprise in the transportation sector. We are looking for partners who are motivated, committed and strongly business-oriented to join us as franchise partners on our road to success!

Join the best in the transfer industry!

1Join the best in the transfer industry!


Why GoOpti? Because together we can create more opportunities for growth in sales, margin and profit!

Our largest franchisee results:

Reached in only 5 years

2Reached in only 5 years

Our average franchisee results:

Reached in only 3 years

3Reached in only 3 years


"If you put your heart and mind into this, and you follow GoOpti’s advices on how to improve your investment and growth opportunities, in my opinion, you can achieve goals you can’t even imagine right now."

Stefano Tiozzo, GoOpti franchise owner in Padua, Italy

4Stefano Tiozzo, GoOpti franchise owner in Padua, Italy


It all started back in 2011, and we’ve been on an exciting journey ever since. From two vans, three routes and three friends, we grew into a fast-growing European dynamic shuttle platform. Today, we operate in more than 25 cities in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro, continuously expanding our network throughout Europe.

From two vans, three routes and three friends, we grew into a fast-growing European dynamic shuttle platform.

5From two vans, three routes and three friends, we grew into a fast-growing European dynamic shuttle platform.

Providing a better solution than a personal car

By offering personalized private and shared door-to-door transfers at different affordable prices, we can meet the needs of a wide range of travelers while at the same time giving them the highest quality of service. By offering reliable services even on routes lacking regular transportation, we can offer an incomparable quality, which is customized and profitable at the same time. Together we can aim even higher to provide the very best and become a better choice than the personal car.

Why join us as a franchisee?

By entering an established international business model with a distinguished brand as GoOpti you will be able to:

  • Bring a revolution in the business of pre-booked transfers in your area
  • Offer reliable private and shared services at affordable prices
  • Get a strong market position and a clear distinction from competitors or services like Flixbus, BlaBla Car, taxi companies etc.
  • Offer your passengers a safe and reliable service with a 24/7 customer support (we take care of the - reliability and the customer!)
  • Become the no.1 van operator in your area
  • Become part of a network and grow your business with its support
  • Obtain complete know-how, experience, support services, marketing (and sales) support and all solutions delivered in one package, ready to use.


  • Driver’s app
  • Online real-time booking system up to 2 hours before departure (even if you’re already on the road)
  • Selling shared ride services
  • Allowing private ride customers to share their ride in order to decrease the price for them while increasing the profit for you
  • Offer affiliate programs to hotels and travel agencies to receive commissions
  • Easy-to-use real-time booking tools for travel arrangers in companies with monthly invoices
  • Automatic invoicing of split costs with subcontractors
  • 24/7 real person support for customers, drivers, and you
  • Offering solutions to mitigate risks for you and your clients in case of flight delays and traffic jams

Read the success stories of our franchisees

"Today it is difficult to do business on your own; you have to be part of a network, be associated with a big brand that invests a lot in many marketing activities, and that can help you grow your business. Customers must be conquered, they must be maintained, you need to have a 360-degree view of the customer … a small company alone cannot do it, but with GoOpti it can, which leads to success and therefore – profit!"

Massimo Zuccati, GoOpti franchise owner in Verona, Italy

6Massimo Zuccati, GoOpti franchise owner in Verona, Italy


What does a GoOpti franchise fee include?


As a GoOpti franchisee you will have the right to use the GoOpti brand and business model. You will also receive marketing and sales support, have access to the online booking system, the GoOpti Logistics Optimization information system and will be provided with all the best innovative digital tools.


As a GoOpti franchise partner, you will be able to lead your small business with the support and benefits of a big business network:

  • Pre-launch business support
  • Support at business launch
  • Continuous business and product development support


You will receive appropriate training and an extensive know-how that enables you to launch or upgrade your passenger transport business successfully. You will also receive a franchise operation manual and a comprehensive basis for daily business.



Margin comparison

7Margin comparison

We enter the market; we create new demand and make your company grow faster.

The key benefits of joining GoOpti

8The key benefits of joining GoOpti

Become part of our network and join us as a franchise partner! Send us an inquiry by filling the form and we will call you for an interview in the shortest possible time.