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GoOpti quiz: can you identify these wonderful places?

Find inspiration and test your travel knowledge in this quiz about the most amazing landscapes in the world ...

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe

Aiguille du Midi - the rooftop of Europe with one of the most beautiful views

Aiguille du Midi is undoubtedly one of the most famous and picturesque landscapes in the French Alps. At an altitude od 3,842 meters, it offers the perfect view on Mont Blanc and a breathtaking calbe car ride you surely won't forget.

GoOpti quiz

GoOpti quiz: can you identify these beautiful landscapes?

Find inspiration and test your travel knowledge in this quiz about the most amazing landscapes in the world ...

Where can we travel right now?

Where can we travel right now?

Do you know where it is possible to traven at this very moment? Which countries are safe, and which ones are high risk? Here is a map of Europe containting information about travel restrictions in each country.

Iztok Franko, founder of

The Future of Travel post-Covid

Iztok Franko, the founder of and an expert in building marketing and e-commerce strategies for global airlines and travel brands, shared his views and predictions about the changes we can expect in the travel industry. From pricing to safety measures, behavioral changes and technological advancement. Read on!

Where can you fly these days?

Where can you fly these days from nearby airports?

Which flights have been re-established and where can you fly from airports near you? If you are planning or need to travel during the holidays here you can check available flights from airports near you.

A practical guide when travelling to the airport

NEW! A practical guide to the airport

Covid-19 airport guidelines: What are the new rules and measures at airports? What services are available? Do I have to wear a mask? What about my luggage? If you are lucky enough to travel by plane anytime soon, you might want to have a look at the latest practical guidelines for the most popular airports in the area. We’ve prepared for you a useful guide to the airports of Venice Marco Polo, Vienna, Ljubljana and Zagreb.

Now is a good time to visit your desired destination and avoid big crowds.

3 reasons why you should travel now

According to our recent survey with our passengers, most responded that they plan to travel by plane as early as the next six months, of which some respondents said it would certainly be as early as this summer. But given the current situation in the world, many are still wondering why anyone would want to travel by plane now?

When will we travel again?

Travel after Covid-19: travelers are ready to explore new destinations

Our GoOpti team is already planning the awaited comeback and recovery after Covid-19, and a key part of it is understanding the new travel habits and intentions of our passengers. For this reason, we conducted a short survey to help us learn the needs of travelers and thus come up with an optimal solution that will both exceed your requirements and reflect our high-quality standards.

The safest destinations for summer 2020

Safest destinations for summer 2020

How to travel this summer and which destination to choose? It is not yet too late to book a vacation to your dream destination and spend a few days in a pleasant climate away from the crowds and enjoy a little relaxation by the sea. In fact, now is the right time to book the holiday you've always wanted ...