Advertise with us

Advertise on the GoOpti website or in our cars, minibuses and buses to attract international target groups.

How about an ad on wheels?

1How about an ad on wheels?

Promote your services on the GoOpti website!

Your ad will appear on one of the subpages visited daily by individuals and businesses. Most of our customers access our website multiple times and belong to different age groups and nationalities, so you will gain access to a versatile target audience where you can surely find potential clients.

Wrap advertising

Turn our vehicles into moving advertisements!

If you decide for vehicle wrap advertising, we can cover our vehicles completely or partially with your advertisement or logo.

  • On highways and roads in several countries, our cars, minibuses and buses are daily seen by thousands of people.
  • At large airports, ports, bus and train stations, masses of travelers daily notice our vehicles picking up passengers or waiting at the parking lot. And not to mention numerous passengers our vehicles carry to different destinations.
  • By means of wrap advertising with GoOpti, you can present your company and service to people of all ages and nationalities in several countries and obtain international recognizability.

Ad sizes are customized for each vehicle type. Please contact us to obtain the size chart and prices.

In-vehicle advertising

You can choose to advertise inside our vehicles by means of flyers, brochures, magazines and other promotional material distributed daily to more than 300 passengers.

You can also advertise on water bottles offered to passengers or come up with your own way of advertising in our personal cars, minibuses and buses.

The efficiency of in-vehicle marketing comes from the fact that:

  • Passengers can take a closer look at your offer while traveling
  • Printed material can contain more information than a website ad and your business can be thoroughly explained, as passengers have enough time to read through all the information
  • Passengers obtain free reading material for the journey, they can pass it to their friends and family and thus enlarge the number of your potential clients

Customized advertising

If you think of another type of advertising with GoOpti, please contact us and describe your suggestion in detail. We will reply to you as soon as possible to discuss your proposal.

If you wish to advertise with GoOpti, click on the button below to complete the inquiry form.