80% discount for GoOpti services? Valeria knows how.

Valeria can be described as a woman with a bold attitude. She likes to boast about her expert skills of reducing the price of her GoOpti rides for nearly 80% with the Bring a friend referral program. Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Valeria in person and, of course, we wanted to know what tricks she uses. When she explained what she was doing, we were left gob smacked. It’s so easy. The Bring a friend referral program works very simply. All you need to do is to send your friends a €5 discount code for their first GoOpti transfer. When a friend purchases his/her transfer and applies the discount, you automatically receive €5 on your GoOpti account.
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Here are Valeria's 5 tricks to reduce the cost of GoOpti transfers:

1. Facebook / Twitter

The Bring a friend referral program allows you to send invitations with a discount code via email, Facebook and Twitter. Valeria conveniently used all three options. On her Facebook wall, she shared a post with a discount code and posted a tweet on Twitter.

2. E-mail

She sent the invitation to all her contacts by e-mail, because, as she claims, she does not know anyone who would refuse discounts. She was actually motivated by the thought that it’s an information worth spreading as it may bring many benefits to those who like to travel.

3. Blog

She also took advantage of her blog, placing a banner that encouraged readers to use the discount code for their first GoOpti transfer.

4. Posters

Valeria surely went a step further. She printed simple posters with discount code coupons, which could be easily ripped off by passers-by. She displayed the posters at various public places where students, tourists and different groups of people generally hang out.

5. Airbnb

Valeria is also an Airbnb host. Before the arrival of each new guest, Valeria sends him an email with a discount code for GoOpti services. She also makes sure to always leave a flyer with the discount code on the table.

Valeria has definitely excelled at achieving the benefits of the Bring a friend referral program. Today she reaps rich rewards for her efforts and travels with GoOpti almost for free.

You too can travel cheaper.

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