Couples travelling. A nightmare or a memorable experience? Ask Helena and Aleš!

Couples travelling. For some, a nightmare they want to forget as soon as possible, for others an experience that always puts a smile on their faces. How you will remember your travel experience largely depends on who you are traveling with and how in sync your expectations, desires and habits are... Helena and Aleš say they almost never fight during travel. Perhaps only when they are tired or hungry :) Check out their story and their interesting travel experiences.
Helena and Aleš love to travel

1Helena and Aleš love to travel

Helena and Aleš from Vrhnika have been a couple for 9 years. They met at a place where we usually spend most of our time – at work. They have two daughters, Nana (8 years) and Nena (4 years), and they love traveling. One of their first trips was a journey to New York. After two weeks of intensive exploration of the Big Apple, they discovered they share many similar characteristics, which deepened their relationship. Another fond memory is related to their honeymoon. They went on a cruise to the Western Mediterranean from Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, to Sicily and Malta ... And GoOpti drove them to the port of Savona.

At 25 on a trip around the world
"After Helena, my greatest love is travelling, for sure." says Aleš. When he was 25 years old he went on a journey around the world! And how did he come up with this decision? He says that the desire to discover the world was slowly maturing in him and at the end, the wish was already so strong that he simply could not resist it any longer. He sold his car, quit his job, bought an around-the-world plane ticket, packed his backpack and left. Ljubljana Airport, Frankfurt, Cape Town, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Los Angeles, Texas, Canada, Toronto, and back. The three-month journey was one of his most valuable life experiences. And which country impressed him the most? "Australia, without any doubts. Endless beaches, rainforests, deserts, huge cities ... After 7 weeks of travelling across this fascinating continent, you are completely blown away. Australia is really special." says Aleš. Someday in the future, he wishes to take Helena and their girls to visit Cuba, America (California, Nevada, Arizona) and Africa.

Tensions and conflicts during travelling
When couples travel, they sometimes experience some tensions and conflicts. We wanted to know if this happens also to Helena and Aleš, but they seem to rarely quarrel. Perhaps only when they are either tired or hungry. Otherwise, they say, it is best not to complicate and to accept things as they are. The reason why you go travelling is to enjoy and have a good time. With this in mind, your attitude towards different situations also changes for the better.

Travelling with children is different
Since they became parents, their travel style has changed considerably. Long-distance travelling is no longer an option. Now they prefer to go to the seaside and visit places which are closer to their home. In the last years, they spend many holidays at the Croatian island of Pašman, where the children enjoy nature, sun and sea. They admit that travelling with children is in fact quite different. Small children are hungry, the cry, they need security ... so it is better to slow down the pace and find places that make them all feel good.

And last but not least, what is the best thing about travelling with your partner?
"The freedom and sharing the experiences. When you are together with the one you love the most, every experience is much better. No matter where you go."


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