How to avoid missing your flight?

With the lifting of Covid restrictions around the world, lines are getting longer at departure gates. Travel bookings and inquiries are rising, as people’s demand and desire for travel is stronger than ever before. This is a very positive sign for the industry, which suffered the most during the pandemic, but on the other hand, it brings quite a few challenges.


1Don't miss your flight

Heavy traffic is reported from a lot of roads towards holiday resorts, especially at weekends, with long waiting times at border crossings. Traffick jams on the roads mean more possibilities for accidents, stress and delays which can result in your late arrival to the airport.

But this is not the only problem.

Obviously, a lot of travel-related jobs were lost in 2020, but now former employees aren’t rushing back to their old roles quickly enough.

A critical staff shortage across the travel industry and increased demand are causing chaos in transportation – there is a huge lack of cars and drivers – and at the airports. Flights are cancelled or delayed, luggage is lost and there are hours-long queues at security check that may led to passengers missing flights despite arriving in time.

So, what can you do?

1. Pick an early morning flight

The first advice, we can give you, is to pick an early morning flight.

Airlines can typically get its first flights of the day off the ground on time. But as the day goes on, delays and cancellations are more likely to happen.

Taking an extra stop on your way to your final destination also doubles the chances of something going wrong, so avoid connection flights if possible.

Fly at sunrise

2Fly at sunrise

2. Choose a reliable airport transfer

Because of a lack of drivers and available cars many airport shuttles are having troubles with punctuality and in the worst-case scenario they are even cancelling transfers last minute.

A ride to the airport in your car may seem like the most convenient solution for the above-mentioned problem but here are some pros and cons you may consider before taking the seat behind the wheal.

Jumping on a shared GoOpti ride to the airport is the best decision if you want to have a relaxed and affordable start of your holidays, especially in this post-covid travel season.

We guarantee to carry out every booked transfer. You can be worry-free, knowing we will never cancel your transfer even if you happen to be the only person in the vehicle.

Our professional drivers always arrive 15 minutes early to the first pick-up location of the journey and are constantly being monitored via GPS by our Operations centre. In case of traffic congestions, the operations officer calls the driver immediately, offering a detour through some local roads to make sure your arrival is on time.

If you are still worried, you'd miss your flight we offer you Absolutely No Worries Package which guarantees you that if something goes wrong, GoOpti will find and buy you another plane ticket!

GoOpti transfers make people happy

3GoOpti transfers make people happy

3. Book flight tickets and airport transfer in advance

Booking a flight last minute is not necessarily the best decision, especially if you are not flexible with travel dates. Don’t wait until the last second but don’t book far in advance either.

The best time to book your flight is around 3-6 months prior departure. In this case you will have enough time to arrange another two important things – booking accommodation and GoOpti shuttle to your chosen airport.

Due to the high demand, we recommend all our passengers to book their transfer at least two days before departure as closer to departure the risk is that all the capacity on our vehicles will be sold out. To book your transfer at the lowest possible price, we recommend buying it right after the purchase of your flight ticket.

Book your flight and transfer in advance

4Book your flight and transfer in advance

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