How to fly business class for the price of economy

Free champagne, gourmet food, roomy seats, and even a chance to lie down … Oh, yes, that is business class. Unfortunately, all that luxury comes with a price tag. However, here are 4 tricks that can give you the opportunity to travel in business class without spending a fortune, sometimes even for free!
Flying business class is wonderful, no doubt about it!

1Flying business class is wonderful, no doubt about it!

Buy an upgrade when checking in

The first step is to buy your flight tickets in economy class, looking for the cheapest possible rate. Our flight deals, which we are posting regularly on our social media channels and newsletters might come in handy. Then, you have to wait until you check in time. It's important that you do this as soon as you receive the notice, as this is the time when the airline is most likely to have more business-class seats available. Most of the carriers will offer you the option of upgrading to business class for a small extra charge. It will be more affordable than if you had bought a business class ticket from the start. However, you should keep in mind is that this method does not work all the time, since it depends on the availability of business class seats.

Redeem your credit card points or miles for upgrades

If you are a frequent traveller, you should join a loyalty scheme of the most common airline you fly with. Almost all of the carriers offer loyalty programs where the cost of points or miles for an upgraded ticket may offer a much better value than buying a regular business class ticket. As a loyal traveller you could also get exclusive access to discounts or earn rewards like free upgrades or extra perks when you fly.

Get your tickets during a business class sale

Business class sales are sometimes overlooked by travellers. It is true that deals and promotions may be far less common for business than economy, but they’re out there if you know where to look. Make sure to subscribe to airline emails so you will be notified about promotions on time.

Pick and choose your luxury

Flying business class is wonderful, no doubt about it! But do you really need all that luxury? Maybe your flight is not even that long. Many elements of the business class experience are available for purchase at affordable price. Maybe you need just the access to the VIP lounge, room to stretch your legs or you would like to enjoy priority boarding. You can add all of these individually to your regular flight ticket.

There are as many ways to access business class as there are reasons to want to. And it doesn’t need to be expensive. However, once you've secured your business class seat, don't forget to choose wisely your airport transfer as well. GoOpti offers different transfer types for every taste and budget, ensuring a stress-free journey from your doorstep to the airport. Explore our transfer offer here and check it out why choosing GoOpti is better than driving to the airport with your car.

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