We greeted our 500.000th passenger

Yesterday we greeted our half-a-millionth passenger! We welcomed him at Ljubljana Airport where we offered him a small gift.
Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

1Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

We tied a yellow, blue, green, orange, red and pink balloon together. We packed a gift bag. Our driver put on his uniform and our CEO Marko Guček tied his pink tie. We packed a camera and a video camera and off we went. To Ljubljana Airport!

We wrote our half-a-millionth passenger's name on a board and waited for him at the arrival gate. And then it happened!

Žiga stepped through the door, saw his name and smiled. "That's me," he said. Who wouldn't smile at the sight of those colourful balloons and such a warm welcome!

Before our driver drove him home, we asked Žiga why he was travelling with GoOpti. The answer was so sweet that you have to see it for yourself. Check out the video!

All of us at the GoOpti team are extremely proud to be able to drive all half a million of you and can't wait to meet our millionth passenger. Will you be the one?


  • Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

    2Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

  • Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

    3Photo by: Sara Tušar Suhadolc

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