Share your favourite travel moments with us

Some of the most beautiful and memorable moments in our lives happen while travelling. Perhaps because when we travel, we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zone. We ditch all the roles that define us in our surroundings, and we start looking at things with new eyes. That is why we want you to share with us your favourite travel moments. Let's share as much happy moments as possible!
Share your favourite travel moments with us

1Share your favourite travel moments with us

Your most memorable travel moments

The participation is very simple:

1. Snap it

Snap a photo or video from your travel (in your GoOpti, at the airport or at destination) and upload it on your Instagram or Facebook.

2. Tag us

Tag us or use the hashtag #mygoopti in order to allow us to share your content.

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Get a discount for your next trip. We will send you a discount code via DM for you to use when booking a GoOpti transfer.

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