Sharing is the future of mobility

The problems related to traffic emissions are becoming increasingly serious every day. We all need to rethink mobility, and find solutions that will encourage positive changes and help us move towards carbon neutrality. Experts in the transportation sector majorly agree that in order to achieve that we need to establish new mobility models based on the concept of ride-sharing.

All you need to know about airports

1All you need to know about airports

Is ride-sharing the future of mobility?

The transport sector in Europe is, despite many praiseworthy initiatives, the only industry that has failed to reduce its carbon footprint since 1990. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA) road transport accounts for 72% of EU greenhouse gas emissions, of which 60,7% are from passenger car use.

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2Malpensa Airport

A crucial step towards a safer and livable future

To achieve the EU key target for 2030, which is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared with 1990 we need a rapid set of changes and improvements in transport, but in people’s daily travel habits as well. Even replacing all existing vehicles with electric ones in such a short period of time would not be enough, as given the current breakdown of average sources of energy production, an EV brings only about 23% emission savings compared to the average internal combustion vehicle, including production and decommissioning emissions. The only possible solution to drastically reduce the emissions in transport in such a period of time is reducing the number of private vehicles and private rides by increasing the possibilities of shared mobility.

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3Bergamo Airport

In Slovenia, transport accounts for 50% of the overall emissions. The private car still has a big role in people’s mobility and is often excessively used. In fact, the average use of private passenger car rides accounts for 86.7%, which is 20% more than the EU average (65.6%). The majority of people rely on their personal car because the existing public transport cannot compete with the private car in terms of travel time and direct connectivity, given the geographical dispersion of Slovenia. Therefore, encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles and rely more on walking, cycling and public passenger transport modes is not enough to bring significant emission reduction results in the next decade.

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To successfully reduce the number of cars circulating in cities and help reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful substances, we need to provide clever alternatives that are tailored to meet peoples’ needs, and ensure both comfort and sustainability. We need a set of mobility solutions that complement each other well and include new forms of mobility that are affordable, practical and sustainable.

GoOpti - the solution towards a more sustainable future

We believe GoOpti to be the most effective alternative that can provide passengers the comfort, convenience and freedom that they need, while helping reduce the number of vehicles on the road. So far, we have transported more than 2 million passengers, 76% of whom would otherwise travel with their own car. Our average carbon emission per passenger-km is 28 g, which is less than most public transport options, and 60-70% less than if people were driving alone in their own vehicle. We contributed to the reduction of more than 22,000 tonnes of CO2 and will continue to do even more with a new generation of EV available and our new InterCity project, aimed at offering daily commuters and occasional passengers who currently still rely on a personal vehicle the perfect alternative.

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6Venezia Marco Polo Airport

We do not want to be competitors with already successful models of public transport or car-sharing services, we want to be the convenient missing alternative that will make it easier for people to move around in their everyday life and specific situations or weather conditions.


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