The match of the century has begun: Ryanair vs.

In the ring we see two giants, who once dealt with different segments but are now fishing in the same pond. With expanding its service portfolio by adding the option to book flights, Ryanair is now hitting back with a new incentive that gives customers who book accommodation with Ryanair Rooms 10% back in credit to spend on flights. vs. Ryanair vs. Ryanair

Any customer with a “MyRyanair” account who makes a booking on Ryanair Rooms will earn 10% back in credit, redeemable directly against flight purchases on

A customer who books a four-night stay in Vienna for €300 will receive €30 Travel Credit directly into their MyRyanair account – essentially giving them their next Ryanair flight almost for free (given Ryanair’s average flight fare is €41).

Ryanair Rooms now offer an even wider range of hotels, hostels, holiday homes and holiday villas and accommodation options, with enhanced dynamic search functionality and a simplified booking experience, enabling customers to choose between more than 1.2 million rooms worldwide.

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So, after you book your flight and your room, then it's time you take care of your airport transfer, right?


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