To all #GoOpti passengers: heavy traffic delays are expected this weekend!

Due to heavy traffic delays that are expected in Italy, we are planning some transfer time changes. All the passengers that are travelling in Italy, please pay attention to this notice. We will do all we can to make sure all passengers get to their desired locations in time.
Heavy traffic delays are expected this weekend!


Attention to all passengers that are traveling to and from Italy!

On weekends between August 19 and 21 and August 26 and 28 a lot of people are expected to head home from their holiday.

We ask all the passengers who will travel through Italy with GoOpti to be understanding of this situation as the duration of your transfers can be prolonged. But don’t worry, due to these anticipated delays we will change departure and arrival times to make sure you’re on time despite the heavy traffic. Our transfer planners will take the anticipated delays into account and will do their best to calculate the transfer duration as precisely as possible to make each transfer as optimal as it can be.

We are always doing our best to get the passengers to their desired destination in time, that is why all the passengers traveling to airports can expect their departure times to change for up to two hours in comparison to the time they chose during their booking process. If they are traveling from airports to cities, their arrival time can also change significantly.

All passengers will be notified of their departure times in time as usual, but we ask all passengers to be extra careful not to miss the notices we will send them.

We ask all GoOpti passengers traveling with us this weekend to be understanding and patient. We will do everything to the best of our abilities to get all of you to your desired destinations in time.

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