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Although holidays can be a great way to spend extended periods of time with friends or family, it can also be the perfect time to fly solo, and often, exploring is best done alone, to ensure you get to see and do everything a place has to offer – not to mention it’s cheaper and the logistics are far easier to manage. Here are some of the best places in the world to check out by yourself.
Often exploring is best done alone.

1Often exploring is best done alone.

The Hebrides

These breathtaking islands off the west coast of Scotland offer some of the most beautiful scenery and rich history in the British isles. Teeming with culture reaching all the way back to the mesolithic period, the Hebrides are home to incredibly well-preserved iron age houses, as well as more recent remnants of the region’s history. The islands of St Kilda are both a National Trust site and a UNESCO heritage site, as well as being the largest seabird nesting area in the North Atlantic. A paradise for nature lovers, the Hebrides offer incredible landscapes to hike and explore, as well as a diverse range of wildlife, including killer whales and dolphins.

The Galapagos Islands

The famous and mysterious Galapagos Islands are known all over the world for their unique biodiversity, with wildlife, flora and fauna so distinctive that the islands were the home of study by Charles Darwin, and served as inspiration for his theory of evolution and natural selection. Probably the most amazing nature hotspot in the world, the islands host vast lava tunnels and volcanoes, cliffs and mountains to explore, while the surrounding ocean makes for the most memorable watersporting experiences ever, populated with colourful tropical fish. With so much to see and do, the Galapagos Islands are a great place to plan for, and cruise at your leisure.

The Arctic

One of the most threatened natural wonders on Earth, the Arctic is shrinking fast, but innovation has made it easier than ever to visit and explore fully. A number of different whale species, including orcas and humpbacks, populate the region, alongside polar bears, and a wide range of birds, making it the perfect place for wildlife photography. A camera should definitely be in your bag in the Arctic, as it is also home to the famous aurora borealis and midnight sun. With plenty of adventure cruises available to give you the best and most unforgettable experiences the Arctic has to offer, it should be high on your list of dream destinations.

The Indian Ocean

The realm of some of the world’s most idyllic spots, the Indian Ocean is the best place to go for the ultimate paradise getaway. Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar are a few of the Indian Ocean’s best-known destinations that are renowned for their splendour. From pristine white sand beaches and clear waters to bustling capital cities brimming with historical architecture and local trade, you can achieve a truly eclectic journey that satisfies every element of a travel itinerary by island-hopping across the Indian Ocean.

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