Travelling to the airport with less environmental impact

Starting in November this year, four GoOpti electric vehicles will connect the cities of Zagreb and Ljubljana with the airports of Ljubljana, Trieste, Zagreb and Graz. The services will offer airport transfers on shorter connections to the nearest airports in the region, which are of particular importance to business travelers.

GoOpti services also for more demanding business and congress travelers

As one of the partners in the international consortium of the "Urban-E - Electromobility in Urban Nodes in Cohesion region" project, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union, GoOpti has expanded its offer with four electric vehicles, which are expected to start offering transfers from Ljubljana and Zagreb to nearby airports on November 1st.

"Our desire is to offer people more practical and affordable, but still high-quality mobility solutions while accelerating the transitionto greener transport options to reduce the carbon footprint in transportation."

Marko Guček, CEO at GoOpti

Passengers will thus be able to travel from their home to the airport with far less environmental impact.

“This is an important asset, especially for business travelers who travel frequently and are mostly used to driving to the airport with their personal car at their desired hours. With our services and additions, such as the Absolutely No Worries package, we offer a similar, if not an even more comfortable experience than a personal vehicle.”

Marko Guček, CEO at GoOpti

GoOpti ˗ a specialist in smart transportation solutions

The purpose of the project, whose lead partner is Petrol d.d. Ljubljana, is to build the necessary charging infrastructure for the development of alternative forms of mobility using electric vehicles. GoOpti, as a platform with extensive experience in the field of mobility and the provision of alternative transport solutions, plays a key role in establishing e-shuttle connections between Ljubljana and Zagreb and the surrounding airports.

“Electric vehicles are a comfortable, safe, much quieter and more environmentally friendly solution for travelers. In addition to offering transportation on the mentioned routes, within this project we will test the use of electric vehicles on long distances in order to set further steps for implementing sustainable mobility in the European area."

Sašo Sušnik, Co-founder of GoOpti

Urban-E - Electromobility in Urban nodes in Cohesion countries

The project is composed of 9 EU partners with Petrol as a lead and GoOpti as one of the consortium partners. The project foresees the deployment of AC and DC charging infrastructure in three Core Urban Nodes which shall be fully integrated in municipal transportation strategies (in total, the deployment of 167 charging points is foreseen). At the core of the network are 21 multi-modal charging hubs that will anchor the network, around which the additional charging infrastructure will be distributed to ensure that needs of users and use cases can be met with this first network. This includes urban DC, urban AC and long-distance DC charging as well as intermodality and innovative green mobility services (e-taxi, e-car sharing, e-shuttle, e-logistics).

The role of GoOpti in this project is to pilot the green e-shuttle service between Ljubljana and Zagreb with 4 electric vehicles.

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