10 Flight Attendant Secrets

Frequent travelers know flight attendants have a tough job. They're there to assist with every need, from serving drinks and meals to calming your nerves on a bumpy ride. They're even there to save your life in an emergency. So it's no surprise that they know quite a few secrets about planes and flying. Some are actually quite helpful, but others, you’ll wish you never knew.
Flight attendants have many secrets.

1Flight attendants have many secrets.

1. Keep your shoes on

We can understand the urge to relax on flight and get comfortable? But keep your shoes on, please. Airplanes are grosser than you think. Chances are, someone threw up at least once where you want to put your feet. Also, these cleanings are usually cosmetic, since planes are only cleaned thoroughly about once a month – and with how many people that use them during that period, it’s best not to get too comfortable.

2. Headphones are reused

Bad news – even the headphones that come wrapped up aren't new. Before landing the crew collecte all of the headsets and put them into a bag. They are cleaned and packaged again. It is the same with pillows and blankets. The ones on board can’t exactly be trusted to be clean.

3. Blue room

In official announcements, flight attendants refer to the bathroom as "the lavatory," but among themselves, it's also known as the blue room. Why? Because of the blue liquid you see in the toilet. In case you've ever wondered, airplane vacuum toilets use this blue stuff instead of water because it's much lighter and it can kill odors and disinfect at the same time.

Did you know that the lavatories can be unlocked from the outside? Click here for more unusual flight information.

4. You can ask for more food

We all know that most airplane food is not culinary excellence, but we can get pretty hungry on the plane no matter what. What you may not know is that, because the food is pre-made, it spoils soon after and anything left over is going to be thrown away after the flight. If you’re feeling especially hungry, you can ask for more. It will prevent the food from going to waste and fill your belly at the same time, so win-win. Of course, this applies to long haul flights, because, you know, the low-cost carriers won't spoil you like that.

5. Cabin checks

Even if the passengers are sleeping, the cabin crew must keep checking that all is well. They will look for anything unusual and scan the passengers and the cabin. The flight crew must be checked upon every 30 minutes to make sure that they are ok and to see if they need anything.

6. Don't drink the coffee

Ordering coffee or tea on flights is tempting, but you should probably opt for a different drink. They are made with tap water, which comes from the airplane's water tanks that rarely get cleaned. So, if you need a caffeine boost, ask for a coke.

7. You won't get drunk on the plane

While alchocol is sereved on board, the cabin crew always keep a strict tab on your consumption. Having way too much alcohol at such a high altitude can mess up with your system and the crew tries to steer clear of that. Being drunk on a plane can have legal consequences as well.

8. Medical knowledge

Flight attendants aren't just waiters in the sky – they have some serious credentials. Depending on the airline, they have varying degrees of medical training. Practical tests can include diagnosing various conditions, splinting broken limbs, stopping nosebleeds, and yes, even baby delivery. They also have medical supplies on board they can use in the event of a medical emergency.

9. Sleeping cabins

On a long-haul flight, the cabin crew will generally have a rest period, depending on the length of the flight. It can be around an hour or maybe up to three. Depending on the aircraft type, some have dedicated rest areas for the crew to catch some sleep.

10. Top beauty tip

30,000 feet up in the air, for hours on end, cabin crew members are expected to look perfect every minute of their job. It is common flight attendants have classes that teach them how to do their makeup and care for their skin. They also need to be very careful with their hairstyles and jewellery. Their main beauty secret is avoiding airplane food and drinking lots of water.

Keep these secrets in mind the next time you fly. But every flight starts before you're even in the air. Don't forget to book your Goopti airport shuttle as soon as you buy your plane ticket.

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