10 top list food destinations around the world in 2023

The New Year is just around the corner and we bet you are already filling your list of dream destinations for 2023. Wondering which are the best culinary destinations in the world? Whether you are the kind of person who skims all the pages of Lonely Planet until the food section pops up, or you want to spice up your trip by making sure to avoid those pesky tourist trap restaurants, you have come to the right place. We have compiled our ultimate list of the 10 best destinations for culinary indulgence, complemented by some great round-trip flight deals that are hard to resist. Scroll down and get inspired.


1. Toronto, Canada



Called as one of the must-visit food destinations in North America, the city just received its first MICHELIN Guide this past September, with 74 restaurants and 27 different cuisine types being highlighted. The strength of Toronto’s culinary experience is tied up in its awe-inspiring diversity, from Egyptian brunch in Leslieville to the Northern Thai flavors of Downtown Toronto’s or the comforting Caribbean classics. Near three of Ontario’s distinct wine-growing regions and acres of rich agricultural land, this ideal location has also made the city of Toronto a playground for young, emerging chefs looking to use local ingredients in their Toronto kitchens.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Toronto

Maha’s. A spark of Egypt in cold Ontario region hosted by a homey atmosphere that will bring Egypt to you with many of the much-loved menu items, all made from scratch, exactly as how you can taste them in Egypt.

PAI. A taste of Thai in Toronto. Blessed with talented and hardworking staff who share that passion to make great food.

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen. A glimpse of Caribbean cuisine balanced with healthy, culinary twists. Inspired by home-style cooking infused with the warmth and vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture and people, Chubby’s is a celebration of love and respect for the island’s food and all the amazing Jamaican cooks.

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2. Cape Winelands, Africa



Are you a truly, deeply wine-lover? Then you have to walk through the streets of Stellenbosch region and immerse yourself in the art and its culture, as you sample its exquisite wines. The vast vineyards of the Western Cape’s Stellenbosch region draw thousands of visitors every year, keen to sip its world-famous pinotage and be part of wine-centric adventures. What it’s absolutely extraordinary is not the refined wines themselves but the several ways you can enjoy them, in its rolling valleys, modern tasting rooms, and charming manor houses, hosted by a professional winemaker. A vacation in the Cape Winelands will truly be a feast for your senses. You can also dine in the slew of high-end fine dining restaurants in Stellenbosch, such as Foliage, Overture in the Hidden Valley Wine Estate and Jordan among others, making your culinary sojourn truly special!

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Stellenbosch

De Eatkamer. This heritage stable building with an oak-shaded courtyard has been buzzing since it opened in April 2022. A place that celebrates small-plate eating in an array of global flavours.

Eike by Bertus Basson. The intimate space is beautifully styled with sumptuous emerald-green velvet chairs, the menus is a twist on classics: yellowtail cooked over the fire with sweet potato three ways; pickled ox tongue with waterblommetjie and potato dumpling and desserts that give a new shine to the humble guava and custard

Jordan. This husband and wife run vineyard focuses its excellence on producing fiercely individual wines that combine the fruity accessibility of the New World with the classic elegance of the old.

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3. Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills

4Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills might not be a name you’ve associated with trendy cuisine after the opening of Spago, the most iconic L.A. fine-dining institution serving stellar cuisine since the Reagan era, but this little corner of Los Angeles boasts one of the highest concentrations of Michelin stars in the area and more on the way. Being long recognized as a renowned culinary destination, Beverly Hills shines all its spark not only through the windows of haut couture shops, but also from the five-star gourmet dinners and charming bistros, to some of the world’s most luxury and unique sweet shops, authentic French pastries and cupcake ATMs which dispenses freshly baked goodies 24 hours a day. Beverly Hills is the perfect destination for sweet toothed fanatics.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Beverly Hills

The Hideaway, an upscale Mexican steakhouse. Think a 36-hour brisket birria, finished table side opened in the Rodeo Collection development just last month

La Dolce Vita, a ‘60s-era red sauce joint frequented by the likes of Sinatra and others, will reopen under the guidance of Marc Rose and Med Abrous later this fall.

Ella, a relaxed all-day restaurant with a buzzy natural wine list, fosters community by waiving its corkage fee for guests who share a glass with a stranger

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4. Sorrento, Italy



Sorrento is technically where the Amalfi Coast begins with its absolutely breathtaking panoramic views that brings in many tourists. When the romance of Italian holidays takes over, you grab your suite-case and fly to Italy, the risk is to end up trapped in some bad restaurant that passes itself for authentic traditional food and all the cheapness that brings behind. We want to avoid that, of course. So where to eat when you are there? We got you covered with some of best restaurants in Sorrento.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Sorrento

Don Pedro. Pietro and Carmelina will delight you with traditional Mediterranee cooking surrounded by an amazing view and a simply atmosphere.

Il Buco, *Michelin Star restaurant. If we say, pasta with fish marinated in lemon (Sorrento is known for lemons), bottarga and dried tomatoes? We bet we made your mouth water.

Trattoria da Emilia. This family run activity oozes all the southern Italy mood. Risotto with seafood has a history behind it. Want to hear more? Go and visit and listen the story yourself. It’s absolutely worth.

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5. Glasgow, United Kingdom



While first-time visitors to Scotland often overlook Glasgow in favour of Edinburgh, the country’s most populous city is home to a budding culinary scene that rivals that of its neighbour to the east. Glasgow boasts 16 Michelin-starred restaurants. Of course, given the city’s proximity to the River Clyde, you can expect a lot of seafood-forward dishes here.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Glasgow

West End’s Crail Bruich, whose seasonal British produce earned a Michelin star in 2021, making head chef Lorna McNee the country’s only female chef to hold this award.

Kelp, where small plates meet sustainable seafood with menu items such as hand-dived Barra scallop ceviche and whisky and treacle cured salmon.

Crabshakk, you can dine on freshly caught lobster, seared scallops, and oysters on ice.

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6. Paris, France



The food in Paris is already incredible, but why not try some especially unique restaurants? While we all love traditional French bistros, sometimes we need to spice things up. This list is for those of you who are always on the lookout for the next cool thing, who dare to go against the grain, and who want to have interesting stories to tell when they get back home.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Paris

Le Wagon Bleu, set in a refurbished 1925 Orient Express train carriage, the dark blue upholstery with the rich wood surroundings gives it an elegant old-school vibe that manages not to feel stuffy. The food here is a bit unique: Corsican food is what they serve. not always easy to find, even in France. They also offer over 40 different Corsican wines.

Coco de Mer. In this Seychelles-Inspired Cuisine, you will literally dine with your feet in the sand.

Dans le Noir. “In the dark”. Its name perfectly describes the main idea of this restaurant. Here, diners will literally eat in the dark, unable to see anything they’re tasting. This is an incredible sensory experience because when you can’t see, your senses of taste and smell are heightened.

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7. San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián

8San Sebastián

It might not be a major cosmopolitan city but San Sebastián, this small pearl located in the Basque Autonomous Community, we swear is one of the greatest food destinations in the world. There are seven 3-star restaurants across Spain and three of them are here: Akelarre, Martin Berasategui and Arzak, the bastion of chef Juan Mari Arzak. This small town has notched up 16 Michelin stars and it is literally a food paradise. You will feel entranced by the gourmet bites of pinchos, the most styled, fancy and delicious finger foods you will ever try while overwhelmed by its incredible view over the crescent bay and the beautiful La Concha Beach.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in San Sebastián

Mimo San Sebastián pintxos crawl. The juices of this traditional slices of baguette teetering with food and speared with a wooden toothpick or pincho, soak into the bread, run down your chin, coat your fingers and are smeared onto paper napkins, which are tossed on the floor.

Goiz Argi. Prawn skewers must try the mari Juli baguette with salty slivers of smoked salmon, sardine and oily green pepper or the brocheta de gambas a juicy prawn served on a skewer, soaked in a sweet and sour garlic, pepper and onion marinade.

Atari Gastroteka. Are you a dessert enthusiast? This bar by the overblown baroque basilica of Santa Maria is the place to be for the torrija, a cross between bread-and-butter pudding and French toast, made with brioche soaked in custard and then caramelized.

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Zagreb - Madrid to start from 80 €

8. Istanbul, Turkey



Istanbul is the most populated city in Europe and connects both Asia and Europe together. As a result, there are many types of cuisine to discover and experience. Due to its massive, diverse population, many cultures have merged here, the essence of foods and drinks that are available in Istanbul are truly authentic. The main reason for this is that many people who migrate to Istanbul also bring their culture and roots with them, which is why you’ll find so many food options in the city.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Istanbul

Ulus 29. Opened in 1993, is the perfect place to view the Bosphorus and the bridges of Istanbul. The restaurant centers on gastronomic concepts with traditional cooking methods to offer regional cuisine with seasonal freshness.

Banyan. With Istanbul wedged between Eastern and Western influences, Banyan’s motto of “food for the soul” describes the Asian healthy fusion cuisine it serves.

Nar Lokanta. Turkish culture is at the heart of this Istanbul restaurant. The decor features traditionally Turkish accents while dishes recall Ottoman recipes dating back thousands of years.

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9. Tokyo, Japan



Traditional Japanese cuisine, named also “washoku” has been added by UNESCO into its Intangible Cultural Heritage list, the second cuisine to be conferred this honor. For the Japanese, food is a means to establish bonds between friends and family and is viewed as one of the pillars of society. So, it’s hard not to list Japan in out 10 top food destinations guide.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Tokyo

Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. Discover the best sushi, which is also the world’s largest wholesale market for fresh, frozen, and processed seafood

Sézanne. A cool-toned sanctuary dedicated to modern elegance, with Zen-inspired motifs and contemporary artwork by Annie Morris.

Hakkoku. The omakase consists of 30 individual pieces of sushi: nigiri and maki only, and each is a self-contained masterpiece.

Flight deals to Tokyo:

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10. Hanoi, Vietnam



One of the best ways to enjoy the vibrant street food scene is zipping through the streets, on the back of a vintage Vespa scooter. In Hanoi, the cuisine is all about creating a balance between its 5 simple and spectacular flavor elements: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy, thanks to its Chinese roots. Meanwhile, Hanoi cuisine shows strong French influences, for its erstwhile colonial past: a baguette with a stuffing such as pate, fried egg, barbecued pork, herbs and vegetables.

Our top 3 recommended spots where to eat in Hanoi

Cha Ca La Vong. For the most authentic experience. Indeed, this is a place where English is rarely heard and you don’t have to bother thinking about what you want; instead, you receive what they have, which has remained the same for decades.

Bep Prime. It perfectly interprets Vietnamese classics, for a truly memorable dining experience in the capital city. You will embrace the contrast of this elegant and serene traditional dining establishment.

Quan An Ngon. The best way to experience street food without being on the street. If you want to be in one place where you can try all sorts of delicious and wonderfully varied local cuisine then this is your spot.

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