5 less known budget airlines

GoOpti connects airports serviced by numerous airline companies. We made a list of 5 budget airlines, that may not be very well known, but connect some very interesting destinations.
Top 5 budget airlines

1Top 5 budget airlines


Dutch – French budget airline is a part of Air France – KLM family. They service many European destinations but also Morocco, Canary Islands and Iceland. GoOpti transfers will help you catch a flight at Verona and Venice Marco Polo airports.

Air Berlin

Despite the name this budget airline serves a wide network of European and Global airports. They can take you all the way to China or Brazil in the other direction. GoOpti and Air Berlin meet at Venice Marco Polo, Bologna, Milan Linate, Graz, Salzburg and Vienna airports.


The Italian company flies (among other destinations) to Dakar in African country of Senegal, Cape Verde islands and Cuba. Disembark GoOpti and board Meridiana (or vice versa) at Bergamo, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Venice Marco Polo, Verona, Graz, Salzburg and Vienna airports.


Turkey is known for great airline companies and Pegasus is one of them. They connect Europe with Near and Middle East as well as Central Asia. There are some truly interesting destinations in their portfolio. You can fly with Pegasus from Bologna, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Munich and Vienna airports and book a GoOpti transfer to get to and from these airports.


This German airline company is interesting mostly because of destinations in North, Central and South America. With Condor you can hit the clouds at Bergamo, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Verona, Venice Marco Polo, Graz, Salzburg, Vienna and Munich airports.

All above-mentioned airports are reachable with reliable and affordable GoOpti transfers.


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