5 reasons why autumn is a great season for traveling

When you think of autumn, you probably imagine colourful leaves, rainy days, knit sweaters, and hot drinks that make you feel warm and cosy. But did you know it’s also the perfect season for travelling? Here are the top 5 reasons to plan an autumn getaway.

Autumn is the new summer to travel

1Autumn is the new summer to travel

1. It’s cheaper

The number one reason why autumn is a good time to travel is because it’s cheaper!

It’s low season in the most European countries, so prices may drop substantially. In comparison to summer months, flights and GoOpti ride to the airport may be much cheaper. Furthermore, you will have more options to find an accommodation that really suits you and you will not pay a fortune for it.

2. It can be a lot less crowded

Summer months tend to be the busiest throughout Europe as many travellers around the world have vacation time then.

When September and October come, families with children and summer travellers return to the classrooms or back to work, which means you will be able to peacefully discover your chosen destination and not waste your precious time waiting in the lines.

3. It’s less chaotic at the airports

Staff shortages, a series of strikes over poor working conditions, last minute airline cancellations, and booming traveller numbers have created chaos at almost every European airport in the summer of 2022. Unfortunately, lost luggage and long queues become a normality.

However, as the number of travellers will decrease in the autumn, the situation will get better, and you won’t need to worry about missing your flight anymore.

In addition, it will be easier for you to get your perfect GoOpti shuttle as well. Be sure to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Autumn breathtaking colors

2Autumn breathtaking colors

4. It’s cooler

We all love warm summer nights and sunny beach days, but sometimes it gets just too hot and sweaty. So, as the summer fades out, we can really enjoy traveling (in Europe at least), with more bearable temperatures which make sightseeing or hiking a whole lot more pleasant.

And, when the temperature finally drops as we are getting closer to winter, what could be finer than wandering around the streets of Paris, Brussels, or Zürich in a cosy coat, clutching a nice hot drink?

Autumn food is delicious

3Autumn food is delicious

5. It’s delicious and colourful

The colourful leaves on the ground, the long green fields, the magical rainbows after the rain, all that provides many breathtaking views that will make you appreciate nature even more.

Besides that, you will be able to enjoy delicious seasonal food. Many fruits and vegetables ripen in autumn, there are apples and pumpkins, chestnuts, and wine. So don't hesitate to book a place in the local restaurant and indulge in delicious seasonal dishes.

Where exactly to travel in autumn?

We highly recommend you discover this places in autumn.

Sevilla, Spain

Summer in Sevilla with its usual 40°C can be quite difficult to survive, let alone exploring city’s streets and plazas.

If you want to do some sightseeing, plan your trip to Andalusia in autumn. The number of tourists is significantly lower, the lodging offer is large, the airfares are more attractive, and temperature are bearable.

Milan Bergamo to Seville from 30 €

Porto, Portugal

October brings bright autumn colours to the city’s parks and tree-lined streets. It is also grape-harvest season at wineries in the Douro Valley, so you'll have the opportunity to see winemaking and grape-stomping in action.

Milan Malpensa to Porto from 39 €

Lugano, Switzerland

With its Mediterranean flair Lugano can be very crowded and expensive summer destination. However, in autumn you can enjoy Lake Lugano, surrounded by numerous mountains offering splendid viewpoints, at affordable prices.

If you visit the city at the beginning of October, you can celebrate the farewell from summer and the beginning of autumn with residents at the traditional Lugano Autumn Festival.

Rome Fiumicino Airport to Zürich from 122 €

You can also take a train from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) to Lugano via Mendrisio in around 1h 34 m.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Autumn in Scotland offers you landscapes that take your breath away. In addition to having a magnificent capital city for yourself, you will also enjoy hotels at the best prices and fewer people to do the best activities like a visit to Edinburgh castle or a Loch Ness tour for the most courageous ones.

Milan Bergamo to Edinburgh from 67 €

Rocky Mountains, North America

In Autumn, the Rocky Mountains are breathtaking. The weather is warm and dry, the crowds of summer vacationers are gone, so it’s the right time for all the nature lovers and adventure seekers to visit this alpine paradise.

Frankfurt to Aspen from 1067 €

Don’t forget to book your airport transfer. Check GoOpti offers and remember – the sooner you book the less you pay.

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