GoOpti passenger stories: Meet Petya, the lucky traveller

She is an avid traveller and a frequent GoOpti passenger. Although she misses every other flight and admits to have serious time management issues, her exciting travel stories mostly have a happy ending. Would you like to know why?
Petja - GoOpti passenger

1Petja - GoOpti passenger

Hi, Petya! You have been using GoOpti for years now which means that you travel quite a lot. What do you usually do on your trips and where do you like to travel the most?

Mostly I'm attracted to warm places with a 'Mediterranean' mindset, where everything revolves around good food, pleasant company and entertainment. I like Spain, Greece and the entire Balkans. I also really enjoyed Mexico and Barbados. There's always a variety of things to do and see, it's never boring!

You said you prefer to travel alone. A lot of women actually want to do a solo trip, but don't feel safe. Were you ever scared to travel all by yourself? Did you have any bad experiences?

No. I was actually never scared because I trust myself, and I know that I am able to take care of myself. When you travel a lot like I do, you start to trust your instincts much more. But also, you know there are some places where you'd never go alone. However, I'm never really alone. Haha. My second name is actually Agata and sometimes I have a feeling that it denotes a second part of my personality. Petya is friendly and relaxed, she easily networks with people. Agata is strong and powerful. She can find the right solution for every problem. So in various situations I have a different way of approaching things, just like in any other area of life, actually.

Do you have some advice for the women who are considering to take a solo trip?

Women who decide to travel alone must have an adventurous spirit and an open mind. Solo trips are not for everyone, or at least not everyone is ready to take a solo trip. You have to put yourself in the right mindset. Being scared is normal, especially if you're going on your first trip alone, but you should always be more excited than scared. Then you are ready!

What are some of the most frequent challenges you face while traveling?

My biggest issue when traveling is actually time management. Once I go into 'travel mode', I forget about rules and get easily distracted. Which is a good thing, but I missed quite a few flights because of that. I've actually missed at least half of all the flights I’ve ever booked! Mostly because I fell asleep or I just lost track of time. Once, when I was returning from London, I almost missed three flights! I know, sounds impossible, but believe me, it can happen!

Why do you choose to travel with GoOpti?

I've been traveling with GoOpti for years now. It is a great service in my opinion. The whole booking process is very simple and the drivers are always nice. I like it mostly because of the good notification system with all the travel and drivers info. As I said, once I go to 'travel mode' I get easily distracted so it's good to have a message reminder just a few hours before the departure.

Do you have a favourite GoOpti story you can share with us?

Of course! I was traveling to Greece, to the island of Mykonos. My flight was scheduled to leave from Milan-Malpensa airport at 11 am. Because of my long history of missed flights, I did not want to take any risks. So I booked the earliest GoOpti transport, which left Ljubljana in the early morning hours. I fell asleep immediately after entering the van and did not wake up until Bergamo airport, where some of the passengers had to get off. So I looked at the time and experienced a total shock. It was 10 o’ clock! What happened was that while I was sleeping, we got stuck in traffic due to a car accident. I remember being so upset, because I realized that I would miss my flight again, and this time it was not even my fault! However , after a few minutes I realized that I have booked the Absolutely No Worries package that gives me the guarantee to get a new flight ticket if I miss my flight due to unexpected traffic conditions . I immediately called GoOpti and explained the situation and they immediately took action. When we arrived at Malpensa airport, a new flight ticket was already waiting for me and in less than 5 hours I was walking along the Mykonos beach, rested and ready for new adventures. Boy, I felt lucky …

This could really be called a story with a happy ending. To conclude, can you tell us what you think makes the trip memorable?

Spontaneous, unexpected situations. What happens to you outside your plans. If you have too many expectations, you can quickly get disappointed. But if you go with the flow, not think too much and live in the moment and for the moment, unforgettable moments line up one after the other.

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