Best summer reads 2019

Nothing completes a lazy summer day quite like a great book. Whether your summer reading list is more inclined to crime, classics, or self-help books, our selection may give you some inspiring summer reading ideas.
Get some inspiring summer reading ideas.

1Get some inspiring summer reading ideas.


Recommended by the Penguin Random House.

  • The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
    A romantic novel about love that crosses international borders and all boundaries of the heart…

  • Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke
    A sparkling romantic comedy about one woman’s decision to tinker with the horoscopes of the man of her dreams.

  • Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey
    A romantic waiting for her perfect leading man learns that life doesn’t always go according to a script.


Recommended by The New York Times.

  • Murder by the Book by Claire Harman
    A fascinating tale of true crime in Victorian England ...

  • Where Monsters Hide by M. William Phelps
    Sex, murder, and madness in the Midwest.

  • Norco '80 by Peter Houlahan
    The true story of the most spectacular bank robbery in American history.


Recommended by The New York Times.

  • The Hunger by Alma Katsu
    Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel that will scare the pants off you.

  • Little Darlings by Melanie Golding
    Lauren — a new mother of twins — is targeted hours after delivery by a modern-day witch, who wants to exchange Lauren’s babies for her own monstrous ones.

  • Song for the Unraveling of the World by Brian Evenson
    Missing persons, paranoia and psychosis ... the kind of writer who leads you into the labyrinth, then abandons you there.


Recommended by Book Authority.

  • The Five. The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold
    Five devastating human stories and a dark and moving portrait of Victorian London—the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper.

  • First: Sandra Day O'Connor by Evan Thomas
    The intimate, inspiring, and authoritative biography of Sandra Day O’Connor, America’s first female Supreme Court justice.

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
    A powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.


Recommended by Thrive Global.

  • The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks
    It explains how to overcome our one barrier to happiness and fulfillment, providing a clear path for achieving our true potential.

  • The Discomfort Zone by Farrah Storr
    There’s a whole other world and a new life ready to be lived and it can be found at the end of your comfort zone.

  • Stuffed: how to feel so good about yourself you won't have room for cake by Fadela Hilali
    A practical account of the damage of dieting and emotional eating with useful insights into understanding what causes this behaviour.


Recommended by The Independent.

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    Beneath the sugary surface is a tart exposé of the marriage market in Georgian England.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    Published in 1960 the book was immediately successful, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and has become a classic of modern American literature.

  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
    Was the relationship between Lolita and Humbert Humbert passionate or destructive?

Enjoy the relaxed summer days!

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