Book GoOpti when buying your flight ticket to get competitive prices!

GoOpti dynamic airport shuttle for business passengers

Kam na lepše? Dominika, Kostarika ali Vietnam?


Book your transfer immediately upon buying your flight ticket to get competitive prices for fixed departure times!
  1. Pickup / drop-off at home – or ANY LOCATION
  2. Set your desired departure time – available 24/7
  3. Book at least 7 (or in some cases even 3) days before your trip to be sure to get the best prices for you chosen fixed departure time
  4. We make sure you don't miss your flight even in cases of unpredictable road conditions. We have amazing statistics that no one can beat
  5. With our Absolutely No Worries package we make sure you always arrive on your destination; in cases of delays we’ll buy you a new flight ticket for the fastest route to your final destination
  6. With our Absolutely No Worries package we also guarantee an immediate alternative transfer solution, even if your flight will be significantly late.
  7. Save time and reduce your environmental impact – by sharing your ride and choosing to get a direct flight from a more distant airport in the region

NEW! We've set very competitive prices compared to a personal vehicle on the routes from Ljubljana to Zagreb and Trieste, even when choosing your ideal departure time.

GoOpti is the most reliable and comfortable transportation option.

To get the best prices and travel at your ideal hours use an open-jaw ticket fly from Ljubljana and return to another nearby airport or vice versa.

GoOpti will take care of all your departures and arrivals!

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