Flight prices: How expensive will travel be in 2023? Secrets to find the cheapest flights on the web

The cost of air travel is one of the most important factors for many travelers. High fares mainly due to staff shortages mixed with high demand for travel and fuel costs resulting from inflation dominated air travel in 2022, while the year ended in a flurry of flight delays and cancellations due to bad weather. What can air travelers expect in 2023? Believe it or not, current trends suggest that airfares could stay the same or even get cheaper on average in 2023.
We're very confident that there is much reason to rejoice, especially for those looking for savings and international flights. Because travel demand reached unprecedented levels last year - it was the first full year of normal travel since the pandemic began - airports and airlines seem to have finally regained a normal level of confidence and put the fear of bankruptcy behind them. This is leading to the restoration of a more or less healthy, balanced environment, including the resumption of hiring and the lowering of airline ticket prices.

To make you feel as optimistic as possible, we suggest a list of 10 clever ways to find the cheapest airline ticket prices on the web.

Good news. Flights may be cheaper in 2023.

1Good news. Flights may be cheaper in 2023.

1. Use points

If you've never signed up for a frequent flyer or rewards program and haven't yet earned miles on your card, don't worry: to incentivize customer loyalty, many mileage and travel rewards programs award points to new customers just for signing up.

2. Plan your trip far in advance

Airlines usually offer low fares as a base price, and when those tickets are sold, the cost of the remaining ones increase in cost. So, if you know when and where you're flying, you shouldn't wait for an unknown sale.


Book your GoOpti transfer to the airport right after you buy your flight ticket. The earlier you book, the cheaper it's.

3. Take a look at nearby airports

Flying from the nearest airport isn't always the best option if you want to save money on your trip. Nearby and usually smallest airports can offer better rates, mainly because they offer more connections. GoOpti can take you to several airports directly from your home. Check out all our routes.

4. Mix and match airlines and opt for open jaw flights

If you're flying somewhere that involves a transfer, keep in mind that it may be cheaper to book these two routes separately or opt for an open jaw flight. A typical flight search engine will only suggest routes from a single airline and its partners. Do your own research, forget about the "only 1 seat left" pop up, and take your time making your choice. There will be room for all.

5. Keep your search secret

Use a VPN or turn on your browser's incognito mode so that search engines don't know what you're looking for. Their main task is to scare you into booking the flight quickly before the prices get even higher, which isn't true.

6. Fly during the working days

Flying during weekdays (usually Monday through Thursday) can be cheaper because airlines tend to increase prices during weekends and holidays due to high demand, while demand for flights during weekdays is generally lower, leading airlines to offer reduced prices to encourage more bookings.

7. Join a Cheap Flight Mailing List

When you start looking for specific flights, make sure you sign up for a newsletter. We regularly send out flight deals to the best destinations to visit every month of the year. Sign up for the GoOpti newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to hear about the best travel deals. Make sure you check the box “Send me trip reminders, special offers and travel hacking tips” when you sign up.

8. Compare flights on Kiwi Search Engine

kiwi.com is a great tool to inspire wanderlust going and save money. It shows you where you can fly the cheapest and where the best prices are. Besides, the tool can compare airlines (even budget airlines) to find the cheapest route for you.

9. Search error fares

Making mistakes is human and can happen to anyone, yes, even to airlines. Sometimes they make mistakes when publishing their fares that result in heavily discounted flights. All you have to do is go to the most popular sites to search for sale and error fares and the game is done.


Have you ever heard of the savvy traveler's secret weapon called "the hidden city ticketing"? It's a clever way to score cheaper nonstop flights by booking a connecting flight that goes beyond your desired destination, and then simply exiting the journey at the layover point. For instance, you may discover that a flight from Chicago to Miami with a layover in Dallas is far more affordable than a nonstop flight from Chicago to Dallas. So, you opt for the flight with the layover and when the plane lands in Dallas, you leave the airport without boarding the second leg of your journey to Miami. This way, you save some cash. Finding a hidden city ticketing opportunity requires some research and strategy. Search for flights with layovers in your desired destination that continue on to another city and use the “Mix and Match Airlines” method mention in the bullet point number 4. Compare the cost of these flights to nonstop flights to your destination.

! Be aware. Check the airline's policy before booking and avoid hidden city ticketing if you have checked bags as they may continue to the final destination without you.

Enjoy your holiday and have a safe trip!

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