Fly from nearby airports to save time and lower your travel costs!

GoOpti dynamic airport shuttle for business passengers

Erik Valenčič

1Erik Valenčič

The flight schedule from Ljubljana doesn't suit you? Don’t worry. Take advantage of the many airports nearby to find the ideal connections. You can fly from Ljubljana to your destination and then return to another airport such as Zagreb, Trieste, Graz or Venice. Or vice versa. The choice is yours.

Ask your travel agent for an open-jaw flight with GoOpti connecting you from your home to an airport in the region at any preferred time.

  • You will save time
  • You will lower your costs
  • You will reduce CO2 emissions

Ridesharing is an environmentally friendly solution, and it doesn’t take much longer than a private ride. It is especially suitable if you need to catch connections through international airline hubs.

Choosing a direct flight from a more distant airport in the region can save you time and reduce CO2 emissions as well.

NEW! We've set very competitive prices compared to a personal vehicle on the routes from Ljubljana to Zagreb and Trieste, even when choosing your ideal departure time

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