Gift an adventure: 5 destinations with the best “must do” experiences

Gift your loved ones an adventure for their next holiday. Don’t go down the beaten path and check our “must do” experiences at the 5 chosen destinations.
It’s the time of the year when we’re trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. In a world of never-ending lists of products and services, that may not be the easiest thing to do, especially if we’re trying to make it sustainable for the planet and ourselves.

Here at GoOpti, we believe an adventure can be the perfect gift. Werther you’ve been planning a short trip or a longer holiday you can make it really special by including something unique and unconventional into your itinerary. We’ve prepared a list of five travelling destinations with unique and interesting “must do” experiences you can book right now.

Gift an adventure

1Gift an adventure

When in New York, do art!

New York City is a very popular destination with many attractions that see millions of people visiting every year: the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, MoMA, the MET, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Yankee Stadium, you name it. NYC has it all and with more than 60 million people visiting every year and it’s definitely worth to see.

But the beauty of cities like New York is that there is always something new to explore. For those of you who are into art and creative expression, we suggest a rare gem: The Color Factory. You’ll need to book tickets in advance, but the experience is well worth it. Immerse yourself in colour, contrast, texture and sound, this experience is perfect for those who love a splash of something bright and cheerful.

Alternative: If colour is not your cup of tea (or coffee, we don’t discriminate) we suggest a more thrilling option. Did you know that many of the theatres along Broadway are haunted? Bitter rival actors, stage workers and seamstresses roam the halls and seating areas of some of the most famous stages. Join one of the tours offered and experience their stories and plights first hand. We suggest New Amsterdam Theatre as your starting point.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Bergamo, Venice Marco Polo, Ljubljana and Zagreb airports

Let the Big Apple be a source of artistic inspiration

2Naj bo “Big Apple" vir umetniškega navdiha

Do a scavenger hunt in Lisbon

Are you one of those travellers that love walking, checking every attraction and exploring as much as possible of the places you visit? Then search no further, as we have the thing for you. Scavenger hunts are getting more and more common in many cities around the world, including in the high rising capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

The benefit of doing a scavenger hunt in Lisbon specifically is of course the city’s architecture and rich history. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is full of interesting facts, stories and adventures, hidden just around the corner. We suggest using Questo for finding the right scavenger hunt for you.

Alternative: If you’d like to get your hands on some delicious food, but don’t want to walk and commute too far into the distance, try a pastel de nata cooking class. The Lisbon Cooking Academy offers classes year around. The best part? You can eat the delicious Portuguese pastry you’ll prepare at the end of the course. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bergamo and Venice Marco Polo airports

Explore Lisbon with a scavenger hunt!

3Explore Lisbon with a scavenger hunt!

Egyptian temples in Dendera instead of pyramids in Giza

We all know the drill: You go to Egypt, the land of the ancient Egyptians, and you inevitably land where everyone else does: the pyramids of Giza and Khafre, the Valley of Kings, and so on. But what if there was someplace less crowded, where you could see something really special?

Some of the most beautiful, but less trodden temples along the Nile, are the breathtaking Dendera temples. The complex boasts of temples much older than the Valley of Kings, with its first foundations said to be constructed around 2500 BC. In addition to some incredible temples with coloured frescoes still intact, the complex offers a shrine for sailing vessels, Roman structures from the later period and a sphinx just recently discovered.

Alternative: Maybe you’re not that interested in ancient Egyptian history, but more into recent cultural developments. For those seeking v the experience of everyday life in Egypt,we suggest visiting the markets and bazaars in Alexandria. In addition to a true and authentic experience, you’ll be able to find spices, cloth, toys, local goods and food everywhere. And don’t forget: Negotiate for EVERYTHING!

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Vienna and Ljubljana airports

Look at these breathtaking ceilings in Dendera!

4Look at these breathtaking ceilings in Dendera!

Surfing adventure in Fuerteventura

Just off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands is one of the most interesting archipelagos of the Atlantic. In addition to the main (and most recognized) islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, there is another that might catch your eye.

Fuerteventura is perfect for those dreaming of the perfect waves. The beaches of El Hierro and El Cotillo have some of the best conditions for surfing and kite surfing. If you’re new to these water sports, you can enroll to one of the many schools available on the island, making it easy for beginners to try it out.

Alternative: If you’re not into water sports, you can still explore some of the beautiful beaches there. We suggest the black-sand beach of Ajuy for the alien look. If you desire to explore the inner parts of the island, hire a sturdy vehicle and check out the the hiking trail of Barranco de Pecenescal, located in Morro Jable.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bergamo, Venice Marco Polo, Vienna, Ljubljana and Zagreb airports

Want to learn surfing? Go to Fuerteventura!

5Want to learn surfing? Go to Fuerteventura!

Swedish pilgrim trail awaits

When we say pilgrim trail, your mind probably thinks of one of the most famous pilgrim trails in Europe, the Camino de Santiago. But did you know there are others, probably cooler trails out there? This time, we want to bring your attention to Sweden and the Pilgrimage on the St. Olaf Ways.

St. Olaf was actually a Norwegian king in the 11the century, who travelled around Norway and Sweden to share his religious beliefs. Today, you can choose among nine pilgrim routes, which all lead to the Nidaros Cathedral shrine in Trondheim, one of the most important pilgrimage site in the Nordic countries. With a total of 3,000 kilometres, you can choose the type of intensity and length of your one route, while enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian scenery.

Alternative: If walking for hours is not your cup of tea, we can suggest visiting a wild safari tour. Depending on the season, you can experience some stunning whale watching or observe some of the unique animals on land like puffins, musk oxen and moose. If you feel adventurous, you can go and catch a giant king crab yourself.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Venice Marco Polo, Vienna and Zagreb airports

A hike can truly be an adventure

6A hike can truly be an adventure

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