How to travel smart and sustainable? Here are 5 tips!

As we become more and more aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, people seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and opt for environmentally friendly choices. Even for those who want to see the world, it is always possible to make trips more sustainable. It all starts at the beginning when deciding where you go, what you will pack, and how you will get there. We have put together a list of practical and simple tips to help you travel smart and sustainable.

If you want to be a more sustainable traveller, follow our simple tips.

1If you want to be a more sustainable traveller, follow our simple tips.

Tip #1: Avoid peak season

Always check when the high season is at your chosen destination and try to avoid it. Flight tickets and accommodation will be cheaper, it will not be as crowded, and you will be able to enjoy the local environment much more. You can check what destination is the best to visit in each month of the year here.

Tip #2: Look for alternative destinations

Generally, the shorter the distance from home you travel, the lower your carbon footprint. However, if you want to go farther, some destinations are better choices than others.

Some places are famous among tourists, which means that its crowded, expensive and have a negative effect on the local environment. So, it is better not to follow the latest travel trends and opt for undiscovered destinations. Here are a few examples.

Georgia is a small and beautiful country with diverse nature and mild climate, located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. From skiing in the mysterious mountains of Bakuriani to rafting down the Aragvi River or stargazing at 4,000 meters, the country has a variety of exciting activities to offer.

With an area of less than 14,000 square-kilometres and a population under 650,000 people, Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in the Balkans. And yet Montenegro has a lot to offer. There you will be able to discover stunning mountains, pristine lakes, national parks and even sunny beaches.

Latvia is one of Europe’s greenest nations. The forests cover about 45% of the country and are home to a variety of animals such as beavers, birds of prey and lynx. In addition to nature, Latvia also offers beautiful beaches along the Baltic Sea. You should also visit Riga. The capital is known as an architectural pearl.

Tip #3: Opt for eco-friendly accommodation

Eco-friendly hotels or apartments have clear environmental guidelines, they use alternative power sources, separate waste correctly and try to recycle as much as possible. Usually, they allow guests to explore nature while learning about conservation efforts and sustainability practices.

You can find your next sustainable accommodation at Ecobnb.

Tip #4: Look for typical local experiences and share rides

Ride with others heading in the same airport with GoOpti and save up to 70% of CO2 emissions with our smart optimisation of the vehicles and passengers.

When you’re on vacation, grab a bike or hop on a public bus/metro instead of renting a car. For sure there are also some organized biking or walking tours to explore the city.

Remember that the destination you are visiting is someone else’s home. So do your best to leave places like you found them and try to minimize negative impacts on the natural and cultural environment in every aspect of your trip.

Dine at local restaurants, eat traditional dishes, and shop groceries at local food markets.

Tip #5: Separate waste and save energy

Do what you can to conserve local water and energy resources. Turn off the lights, TV, and any other electronics when not in use. When leaving your hotel or apartment, turn off the AC. Take a shower instead of a bath and keep it as short as possible. Be aware of your waste and try to avoid using plastic items such as beverage bottles.

Oh, and one more thing. If digital tickets are available for your route/ride/flight then you can cut down on paper waste during your trip too.



As said, we think that sustainable tourism is the future and those tips will help you to make this transaction faster! 

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