Top 10 cheapest in the world and 10 best budget airlines in Europe

Here are the lists of top 10 cheapest airlines in the world and the best budget airlines in Europe. Hopefully, these lists will help you search for flights more efficiently and reach your destinations comfortably.
Top 10

1Top 10 Airlines

Top 10 cheapest airlines in the world in 2016

  1. Firefly – a Malaysian budget airline; average air fare incredibly low at €39.
  2. VivaAeroBus – a Mexican airline with the average fare of €61.
  3. Air Asia – they cover Southeast and East Asia for €63 on average.
  4. Spicejet – an Indian airline with airfares around of €67 on average.
  5. Fastjet – an African airline; average airfare €68.
  6. Onur Air – the cheapest of the Turkish budget airlines; €71,5 on average.
  7. Atlasjet – another Turkish airline; average airfare €80,5.
  8. Tigerair – an airline based in Singapore; flights for €81.
  9. Pegasus Airline – a well known Turskih airline with the average airfare around €83.
  10. Ryanair – one of the biggest budget airlines in Europe, flights for €84 on average.

Best budget airlines in Europe in 2016: each year, the World Airlines Awards announces the best airlines in different categories. The award is based on customer satisfaction concerning products and staff.

This year’s winners are:

  1. Norwegian
  2. easyJet
  3. Eurowings
  4. NIKI
  5. Ryanair
  6. Vueling Airlines
  7. Wizz Air
  8. airBaltic
  9. Pegasus Airlines
  10. Monarch Airlines

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