Top tips for business travels in the summer

With summer season in full swing and tourists abound everywhere, business trips can feel even more of a nuisance. We've gathered 7 tips to make business travel easier also in summer.
Business Travel

1Business Travel

Plan the details of your trip in advance. Try to inform yourself which roads to avoid due to summer traffic jams, where to find parking space that's usually tourist free, which airports or airport terminals get especially crowded.

Avoid highly frequented public transport lines connecting airports with city centers. GoOpti drivers also know by heart which rest areas stay clean and tidy also in summer.

Be loyal to the businesses you travel with. It doesn't matter if it's a hotel chain or an airline, companies love loyal customers and they usually reward them well for their loyalty. As an airport transfers company GoOpti has its own loyalty program.

Have a plan B. What if you miss your plane because of an increased number of passengers trying to get through security checks? Or get stuck in traffic full of vacationers heading the same way as you? It's always good to have in mind your trip might not go as planned. GoOpti offers Absolutely no worries package – for a small additional fee you can get a new airline ticket if you miss your plane while traveling with GoOpti to airport.

Keep customer service phone number stored. You'll want a quick solution if your flight is cancelled or you need to change reservations and other details. Also, you'll be able to avoid huge queues of tourists experiencing the same problems and wanting to solve them on site. GoOpti's 24/7 call center can be reached on …

Limit your luggage if boarding a plane. Most tourists will have check-in luggage and if you manage to travel only with carry-on, you'll shave plenty of minutes off your boarding time at the airport.

Charge everything the night before you travel. Laptops, smartphones and tablets, they all need juice which is not always easy to find. With batteries full you won't have to stress out about your devices dying out on you when you'll need them the most.

Try to sneak in some leisure time. If you can't beat the tourist crowds, join them. Even if for a little while. Some relaxing will do you and your business good. Also, inspiration comes from all sorts of places and human brains work better if they're not preoccupied with the same thoughts all the time.

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