Travel to Vienna with GoOpti to save time and costs

GoOpti dynamic airport shuttle for business passengers

Need to fly from Vienna or have a meeting there? We will pick you up at home and take you directly to the airport or your meeting location. No need to fly from your nearest airport!

Travel from Ljubljana to Vienna with ease:

  • If you are going to a meeting – we are the fastest option from Ljubljana. You will save much more time in comparison to driving to your nearest airport, check-in, board, take off, land, get a taxi and drive to your meeting location.
  • If you are going to Vienna Airport – we are the most reliable, hassle-free option. Again, we’ll pick you up at your desired address and take you directly to the airport.
  • During the ride you can rest, read, work, ... our professional drivers will take care of the rest!
  • Leave your car and worries at home – the cost is similar, but the experience is much more enjoyable.

Vienna is the most important airport in the region, offering over 2,500 scheduled flights per week with over 240 directly served destinations worldwide. Getting from Ljubljana to Vienna is easy and cheap.

GoOpti is the most reliable and comfortable transportation option.

To get the best prices and travel at your ideal hours use an open-jaw ticket – fly from Ljubljana and return to another nearby airport or vice versa.


GoOpti will take care of all your departures and arrivals!

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