We take you directly to the airport at your chosen time!

GoOpti dynamic airport shuttle for business passengers

GoOpti can pick you up at home or at the office at your preferred time, ideal to catch your flight or meeting! Check the timetable below to see which latest drop-off / soonest pickup time to choose for various busy flights from Zagreb, Trieste and Venice.

GoOpti transfer from Ljubljana to Zagreb Airport

GoOpti transfer from Zagreb Airport to Ljubljana

GoOpti transfer from Ljubljana to Trieste Airport

GoOpti transfer from Trieste Airport to Ljubljana

GoOpti transfer from Ljubljana to Venice Airport*

GoOpti transfer from Venice Airport to Ljubljana*

*We’ve added the connection to Brussels to the many existing connections adapted to several departures and arrivals to Venice. We recommend that you search our website to find out if there is a good fixed-departure price adapted to your flight as well.

To get the most out of your travel, save time and money, fly from Ljubljana and return to another airport or vice versa. GoOpti is the most reliable airport service there is!

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