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Here you will find all the important news about GoOpti and the newly opened routes.

GoOpti news and route openings

Welcome back! Here you will find all the important news about GoOpti and the newly opened routes.

NEW! Transfers to 400+ airports at!

Now you can travel even more carefree! now also specializes in rides to over 400 airports worldwide!

Must-read guide to airports

Which low cost airlines fly from the selected airport, does the airport has smoking areas, where can you charge your phone or laptop and where to find silent spots to catch some sleep ... All the most important and useful information about the airports of Malpensa, Bergamo, Bologna, Verona, Venice Marco Polo, Treviso, Trieste, Vienna, Graz, Zagreb, Pula and Ljubljana are now available HERE!

7 advantages of booking low-cost flights via GoOpti

If you are searching for the cheapest flights, GoOpti is a huge time saver! The partnering global flights search engine is designed to always look at all of the cheapest possibilities, even if it means putting you on two separate flights, while providing you the guarantee that covers cases of flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. Have a look at some of the best features of booking flights via GoOpti!

New airline routes in 2019

From Vienna directly to Tokyo, from Bologna to Philadelphia, from Pula to Manchester. With the start of the summer timetable (March 25), many airlines will open new airline routes. Get ready and discover new airline routes in 2019 from airports within the GoOpti network in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Top 6 budget airlines hidden costs

Budget airlines keep costs down by charging you for extra services. However, there are some charges that may come as a surprise to you. Beware of the fine print, avoid unpleasant surprises and empower yourself by discovering the Top 6 budget airlines hidden costs.

Guide to budget airlines baggage fees

[Updated: 5. 2. 2020] Quick useful guide to low-cost airlines baggage fees. Everything you need to know about the rules and rates on hold and hand luggage.

Top 5 travel technologies that will change the way we travel

Travel technology has brought immense changes to tourism and air travel is no exception. With its fast development, technological improvements are oriented to make our experience of travelling by plane even more pleasant, fast, easy and of course personalized. Here are the top 5 travel technologies that will forever change the way we travel.

10 best money-saving tips for travelling

If you want to travel, you need to have a lot of money. True or false? False! Sure, travelling requires a certain budget, but if you travel in a smart way by making smart choices, having different priorities and using simple strategies to save money, you can still enjoy the experience of discovering new places without spending a fortune. Check out our 10 tips on how to hit the road without hitting financial rock bottom.

Flight delays are increasing. What to do?

The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation - Eurocontrol recently released a forecast stating that in the next 20 years delayed flights of up to two hours will increase by seven times. The number of flights will increase by 53 percent, while the most important European airports can increase their capacity by up to 16 percent. This means that by 2040, about half a million passengers will be late for up to two hours every day due to a flight delay. Delays (and also strikes!) can cause many inconveniences, therefore read the following 3 tips how to protect yourself against the negative consequences of flight delays.