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Unique and unconventional Christmas traditions and celebrations around the world

Christmas can mean many things to different people. But what are the most unique traditions and celebrations that you can experience around the world? Read on.

A GoOpti Guide to Europe's Best Christmas Markets

We’re getting closer to one of our favourite times of the year: Christmas time! As every year, one of the central elements of Christmas travel in Europe are the beautiful markets that light up the snowy streets and warm your body from the inside out. Here’s our 2023 guide to Europe’s best Christmas markets.

GoOpti Quiz: How many of these memorable experiences can you cross off your list?

Let this quiz be your 5 minute inspiration for today!

GoOpti quiz: can you identify these wonderful places?

Find inspiration and test your travel knowledge in this quiz about the most amazing landscapes in the world ...

GoOpti quiz: can you identify these beautiful landscapes?

Find inspiration and test your travel knowledge in this quiz about the most amazing landscapes in the world ...

The Future of Travel post-Covid

Iztok Franko, the founder of and an expert in building marketing and e-commerce strategies for global airlines and travel brands, shared his views and predictions about the changes we can expect in the travel industry. From pricing to safety measures, behavioral changes and technological advancement. Read on!

GoOpti news and route openings

Welcome back! Here you will find all the important news about GoOpti and the newly opened routes.

NEW! Transfers to 400+ airports at!

Now you can travel even more carefree! now also specializes in rides to over 400 airports worldwide!

Must-read guide to airports

Which low cost airlines fly from the selected airport, does the airport has smoking areas, where can you charge your phone or laptop and where to find silent spots to catch some sleep ... All the most important and useful information about the airports of Malpensa, Bergamo, Bologna, Verona, Venice Marco Polo, Treviso, Trieste, Vienna, Graz, Zagreb, Pula and Ljubljana are now available HERE!

7 advantages of booking low-cost flights via GoOpti

If you are searching for the cheapest flights, GoOpti is a huge time saver! The partnering global flights search engine is designed to always look at all of the cheapest possibilities, even if it means putting you on two separate flights, while providing you the guarantee that covers cases of flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. Have a look at some of the best features of booking flights via GoOpti!