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Verona Airport

More than three million passengers travel to or from Valerio Catullo Airport in Verona. 25 airline companies, including low-budget companies, offer flights to 36 European cities. Verona Airport is well known for its anti-fog system that allows the planes to fly even in the thickest fog.

Getting around

Verona Airport is a typical Italian airport – it is also a small shopping center: 445 square meters of shopping spaces and more than 40 shops offer passengers a wide range of products. From souvenirs, fashion clothes and accessories to cosmetic products and presents for the youngest population. Verona Airport has two terminals – one for Arrivals and the other one for Departures. You can find cash machines and banks, coffee shops, restaurants and newsstands at both terminals. There is a tourist information office at the Arrivals terminal as well. Since there are many NATO bases in this part of Italy and soldiers are frequently using Verona Airport, there are also navy clothes shops at the airport.


Verona Airport offers free internet access with the Free Luna service. A registration is required (you can use your Facebook account for registration as well). You need to connect to the FreeLuna_CATULLO network and most of the electronic devices will automatically redirect you to the website.

How to reach the airport and where to park

Verona Airport is reachable by car or by train, but the latter stops in the center of Verona city and is located 15 kilometers from the airport. So arriving by car is certainly more useful. Verona Airport lies close to the A4 and A22 highways. If you are driving on the A4 highway, you should use the Verona Nord exit, and if you are driving on the A22 highway, you should choose the Sommacampagna exit. The airport offers mostly open-air parking spaces costing EUR 22 per day or EUR 154 per week. The smaller covered parking is usually full.

When to arrive at the airport

Verona Airport is one of the smaller Italian airports even though it serves many destinations. We recommend you to arrive at the airport two hours prior to international flights and an hour prior to domestic flights.

Lugar de salida

Exit through Terminal 2 (arrivals). Walk straight for about 20 meters to arrivals parking space, there will be GoOpti vehicle waiting for you.



Destinos GoOpti

GoOpti vehicle will drop you off in front of Terminal 1 (departures).


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