6 tips for planning your summer holidays

Summer holiday can definitely be a challenging business, whether you travel with your whole family, your partner or alone. If you plan ahead, however, you can save a great deal of money and have plenty of choices to organize an amazing summer holiday. Spend less and enjoy more choices with these 6 tips for planning your summer holidays.
Spend less and enjoy more choices with these 6 Tips for Planning your Summer Holidays.

1Spend less and enjoy more choices with these 6 Tips for Planning your Summer Holidays.

1. Booking accommodation for your summer holidays

Lower prices

Booking ahead accomodation for your summer holidays can save you stress and money. When it comes to pick the right timing, TripAdvisor’s research can come in handy! According to its findings Dubai has the shortest lead time with the biggest savings to be made by booking within 2 months of the trip. It's followed by Paris and Marrakech, which offer the best deals when booking within 4 months of your trip. 

Destination / Best time to book
/ within 2 months, Paris / within 4 months, Marrakech / within 4 months, Istanbul / within 5 months, Tokyo / within 2 - 5 months, Dublin / within 2 - 5 months, Rome / within 3 - 5 months, London / within 3 - 5 months, Barcelona / within 2 - 7 months, Moscow / within 4 - 7 months.

Source: Independent.com

More choice

Especially in terms of lodging during our summer holidays, we want to be able to stay at the hotel, apartment or rental house that perfectly fits our requirements. Factors that we consider are space, budget, and specially location. The rule is very simple: the further out we plan, the more choices we’ll have.

Whilst Airbnb is usually the cheaper option (book Airbnb HERE and get up to 41 € discount!), you can often get some amazing deals on Booking.com and other hotel booking websites if you book in advance accommodation for your summer holidays.


Useful resources

Have a look at these 6 websites that let you book luxury hotels for your summer holidays for less:

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2. Renting a sailing boat for your summer holidays

Lower prices

No matter your destination of your sailing summer holidays, renting early a sailing boat almost always comes with a discount. If you manage to gather a crew and to specify the exact charter period not later than six months prior to departure, in most cases you can get more affordable charter deals since almost all renting companies offer early booking discounts. 

More choice

If you decide to book early in advance your sailing summer holidays you have more opportunities to book a model of the boat, the period and the departure marina you really want. For sailing overseas, NauticEd has created a useful infographic guide to help you see when is the best time to book a sailing summer holidays. For popular times you should book 10 months in advance at least. For lower season times, booking 6 to 8 months in advance should work out fine. 

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3. Renting a motorhome for your summer holidays

Lower prices

There is a lot of money to be saved if you can plan your motorhome summer holidays for just after the peak season. Most European rental agents will have branches in every country including Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. You can therefore rent in one country and return the vehicle in another, sparing yourself the return drive. Motorhome rentals in Scandinavian countries can be quite expensive, therefore you might consider renting in Germany and driving there instead.

More choice

As rental prices vary season to season, country to country and from company to company, fleets also feature a diverse assortment of vehicles. Motorhomes in fact come in all shapes and sizes; from micromotorhomes, campervans, coachbuilt motorhomes to American RVs. The sooner you decide to book your motorhome for your summer holidays, the vastest is the range of different types of vehicle the rental company can offer to you.

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4. Booking flights for your summer holidays

Lower prices

In most cases making flight reservations just before the start date of your summer holidays can cost you a lot of money. Flights prices commonly increase in the last two weeks before flying, so if you are planning in advance you could save a lot of money. For the best flight deals you will need to book from 1 to 8 months in advance.*

*Please consider that every market is different, therefore the information about the best booking time should be considered general.

More choice

Being able to choose between various airports also gives you plenty of choices to select your summer destination. Check out this great deals you can find at goopti.com/cheap-flights!

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5. Booking your GoOpti airport transfer for your summer holidays

Lower prices

Right after you book your flight ticket for your summer holidays, think about the airport transfer! The price of GoOpti transfers in fact is lower the sooner the transfer is booked. You will get the lowest price if you book your GoOpti transfer at least two months in advance of your summer holidays. Remember, early bookings lower your price!

More choice

GoOpti connects plenty of airports in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany.

GoOpti transfer to Trieste airport from 9 €
GoOpti transfer to Treviso airport from 14 €
GoOpti transfer to Venice Marco Polo airport from 14 €
GoOpti transfer to Verona airport from 28 €
GoOpti transfer to Bologna airport from 28 €
GoOpti transferto Bergamo airport from 28 €
GoOpti transfer to Milano Malpensa airport from 35 €

GoOpti transfer to Ljubljana airport from 9 €

GoOpti transfer to Zagreb airport from 10 €
GoOpti transfer to Pula airport from 14 €

GoOpti transfer to Vienna airport from 24 €

GoOpti transfer to Munich airport from 29 €

Soon you will be able to book via GoOpti airport transfers to/from more than 500 airports in the world! Stay tuned!

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6. Book your travel buddies for your summer holidays

Planning ahead your summer holidays gives you a lot of leverage to synchronize your schedule with your friends. We all have busy lives and some extra timing can greatly increase the chances you will find a common sweet spot in your timing. Planning ahead also puts less strain on getting visas and any necessary vaccinations because you’ll have plenty of time to do it without stressing out.

Last but not least ... anticipation makes us happy!

Another very important benefit of planning ahead your summer holidays is also linked to the psychology of anticipation! The New York Times in fact reported back in 2010 that having an experience to look forward to increased happiness levels in people.

Hence, the longer that you have to look forward to a vacation and the more anticipation you build, the happier you’ll be. Therefore, the perfect time to start planning your summer holidays starts now!

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