6 tips to get the best GoOpti price

Are you among those who wait until the last minute to book your airport transfer because you think that early booking can cost you more? The reality is quite the opposite. Check this 6 tips to get the best deal on your next GoOpti transfer.
6 tips to get the best GoOpti price

16 tips to get the best GoOpti price

Finding the best prices for flight deals requires some luck, flexibility, and knowledge of how to find them and exploit some hacks. However, travel costs aren't limited to just flight tickets; they also include transportation to the airport. To get the best price on GoOpti, here are some useful tips:

Book in advance

Early birds reap the benefits. We advise our customers to book their transfer at least 3 weeks in advance. However, our foolproof rule is this: when you purchase your flight tickets, also book your GoOpti airport transfer.

Keep an eye on our newsletter

Our weekly newsletter often contains special deals. Be sure to check it regularly, as we frequently feature exclusive deals for newsletter subscribers. And, if you're feeling generous, recommend our newsletter to your friends. Subscribers not only receive GoOpti discounts but also stay updated on the latest travel trends, ideas, and the best airfares. You can invite them to subscribe to our newsletter using the following link.

Book together

The number of people you are booking the transfer for also affects the price of your ride to the airport. If you are traveling in pair or as a group of friends, you are advised to book a transfer for all your fellow travellers during one booking process.

Be flexible

It's true that we love to pick you up and drop you off directly at your doorstep any time you wish, but your ride will be cheaper if you will be time flexible. This means you may have to leave your home an hour earlier to travel with others going towards the same destination. Eventually you'll arrive at your chosen destination the same way but save money and emissions.

Spread the love about us

We strive to improve our transfers, so we are always happy to receive your comments, suggestions and reviews. We're especially delighted when you recommend us to your friends. In such cases, we reward you with a discount.5 euro for you and five for your friend. Sharing is caring and also saving. .

Select a worry-free journey

When booking your transfer, opt for our special Absolutely No Worries package. Yes, it's true that you will need to pay a few euros more, but if anything goes wrong along the way, you will save much more. What are we talking about?

In case you miss your flight because your GoOpti transfer got delayed due to unpredictable events, we find and buy you a new flight ticket. We also arrange a new GoOpti transfer for you, if your flight is rescheduled or delayed. So, to avoid extra costs in case of unexpected events, make sure to add Absolutely No Worries package to your transfer.

Remember! Even when airline tickets seem to be sky-high, there are some tips and tricks to get the best prices. book GoOpti.

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