Bucket List Destinations: 5 Must-Visit Places in 2024

There is nothing like ticking away at your bucket list. Why not start with your next destination? Here are 5 must visit places for the new year 2024.

Travel Bucket List 2024

1Travel Bucket List 2024

We’ve wrapped another year of travelling and adventures, which means we’re already considering and planning new destinations to fill our bucket list for 2024. At GoOpti, we’ve made a list of our own bucket list destinations, which we’d love to visit in the coming year.

Ever wanted to enter an actual Trojan horse? Here, you can!

2Ever wanted to enter an actual Trojan horse? Here, you can!

The ruins of Troy in Turkey

Many of us have read, or at least heard of the great Greek epic the Iliad, the story of the fall of city of Troy. Long considered a mythological place of legend, the city of Troy actually existed. Back in the 19th century, a businessman and an archaeologist decided to not just believe in its existence, but also prove it.

The ruins of the ancient city were found near present-day Hisarlik in Turkey. Repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt during 4000 years of its existence, Troy is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visited by thousands of history enthusiast. Located at the centre of the Historical National Park at Troy, it contains a modern museum centre, a copy of the Wooden Trojan Horse, still intact city gates and countless artefacts ranging from prehistory to the Roman empire. For the history and literature buffs, this place is an absolute treasure trove, which provides a wide range of findings.

A place not to be missed in 2024, Troy gives you the unique opportunity to blend history with myth, while also enjoying modern Turkish landscapes and cuisine. If you plan on visiting Turkey, specifically Izmir and surroundings, take the time and visit this incredible place.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Venice Marco Polo and Vienna airports

The views and beaches of the Aeolian Islands are breathtaking!

3The views and beaches of the Aeolian Islands are breathtaking!

Volcanic adventures on the Aeolian Islands (Italy)

One of the greatest wonders on planet earth are the volcanic Aeolian islands, which are situated just north of Sicily in Italy. Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this archipelago is one of the most unique of the Mediterranean Sea and include the islands of Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi.

The most famous of them is probably the island of Stromboli, nicknamed the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean", which is to this day a still active volcano, with a smoking crater at its centre. On Volcano, you can indulge in a bubbling mud bath, which will give you incredibly smooth skin. Just keep your hair out of it! All the islands offer stunning hiking opportunities and relaxing beaches, but for those that seek thrills and adventure, you can go snorkling, scuba diving, or on boating excursions inside hidden coves and sea caves. As this is Italy, the food and wine is probably some of the best you’ll ever taste.

You can access the Aeolian islands from a couple of airports in the area. The below list of airports will get you to Palermo airport in Sicily, from where you can reach the ferries and hydrofoils that transfer you to the island year around. However, you can also access the islands from different airports and major cities in southern Italy. You can check a very detailed article about these options here.

Access from: Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bergamo and Venice Marco Polo airports

Visit the Chichen Itza and explore this pyramid-like structures.

4Visit the Chichen Itza and explore this pyramid-like structures.

Yucatan mysteries in Mexico

Nestled in the heart of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the region offers travellers a tapestry of cultural richness, historical wonders, and natural beauty.

One must-visit destination is the ancient city of Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Marvel at the iconic Kukulkan Pyramid, an architectural masterpiece that aligns with precision during the equinoxes, creating the illusion of a serpent descending the steps.

For those seeking a more immersive cultural experience, the colonial city of Merida beckons with its vibrant markets, pastel-coloured facades, and lively atmosphere. Stroll through the historic centre, exploring the grandeur of Paseo de Montejo and indulging in the local cuisine, which melds Mayan and Spanish influences.

Nature enthusiasts can venture to the captivating cenotes that dot the Yucatan landscape. Cenote Ik Kil, with its crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush greenery and hanging vines, offers a refreshing oasis for a swim. Alternatively, the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve provides a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts, where flamingos grace the pink-hued lagoons, and boat tours unveil the region's rich biodiversity.

Whether tracing the steps of ancient civilizations, absorbing the colonial charm of Merida, or communing with nature in cenotes and biosphere reserves, Yucatan promises a diverse and enriching experience for every traveller.

Access from: Rome Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bergamo, Venice Marco Polo, Zagreb and Ljubljana airports

There’s nothing like the view of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

5There’s nothing like the view of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Yosemite Park at sunset in the USA

Yosemite National Park, a gem in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, beckons nature enthusiasts with its breathtaking landscapes and iconic landmarks. Some of us may recognize some of the landscape from our screensavers, where Yosemite’s stunning landscape is frequently used.

A must-do activity is hiking the renowned Mist Trail, which takes adventurers past the thundering Vernal and Nevada Falls. Another highlight is exploring Yosemite Valley, home to iconic landmarks like El Capitan and Half Dome. Whether you're a seasoned climber or an awe-inspired onlooker, the granite monoliths and majestic waterfalls create a landscape that has inspired generations.

For the optimal Yosemite experience, visit during the late spring to early autumn. Summer offers pleasant weather for outdoor activities, and the park's diverse flora is in full bloom. Fall brings vibrant foliage, enhancing the park's beauty, while winter transforms Yosemite into a serene wonderland, perfect for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Whether capturing the beauty of Yosemite's granite cliffs, embarking on scenic hikes, or marvelling at its diverse ecosystems, Yosemite National Park stands as a year-round haven for those seeking the wonders of the great outdoors.

Access from: Rome Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Venice Marco Polo, Vienna, Ljubljana and Zagreb airports

Explore one of the most unique islands of the Atlantic.

6Explore one of the most unique islands of the Atlantic.

The island of Pico in the Azores (Portugal)

Out of all the islands in the Azores archipelago, the island of Pico may not be the most famous, but it’s definitely worth your time and some exploration. Dominated by the striking presence of Mount Pico, Portugal's highest peak, the island's landscape is characterized by near tropical forests, volcanic craters, and a rugged coastline. Pico's unique geography includes the captivating UNESCO-listed vineyards, where vines grow in lava rock-walled enclosures, which produce some of the most delightful wines in the world.

To fully embrace the island's allure, embark on a whale-watching or dolphin expedition in the surrounding waters, as Pico is renowned for its rich marine life. For those seeking terrestrial adventures, hiking to the summit of Mount Pico offers panoramic views of the Azorean archipelago, a rewarding journey for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

The best time to visit Pico is during the spring and summer months when the weather is mild, and outdoor activities are in full swing. The lush landscapes are at their most vibrant, providing an ideal backdrop for exploring the island's natural wonders. Whether exploring its volcanic terrain, partaking in marine excursions, or savouring the unique charm of its vineyards, Pico promises an unforgettable experience for those in search of both tranquillity and adventure.

Access from: Rome Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa, Venice Marco Polo and Vienna airports

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