4 Tips to plan an Eco-Friendly Trip and be a more sustainable traveler  

As tourism recovers from the pandemic, we have an incredible opportunity to rethink our way of discovering around and make our travels more sustainable. Even if we understand and are aware of the importance of being sustainable, finding the best solutions to put into practice an eco-friendly, affordable and entertaining journey is not small matter. Check out our mini guide with some useful tips to take into consideration when planning your next vacation.

Tropical green forest and ocean

1Tropical green forest and ocean

1. Be a traveler and not a tourist

As a traveler, you may have dreamed of that unreachable spot you saw on Instagram and once reached it out, you were disappointed by the hordes of visitors jostling to take that instagrammable picture to upload on their social media. To prevent over tourism, you can skip mainstream bucket list destinations and make your own list by doing extra research: go unplanned, ask locals and other travelers, visit smaller cities and head to more rural areas and consider scheduling your trip during the off-season. Doing so will reduce pressure on over-visited destinations while spreading tourism to other local communities.

Woman on a mountain peak

2Woman on a mountain peak

2. Choose efficient modes of transportation like GoOpti

Though all modes of transportation require energy, there are some tricks and options you can adopt to make travel more sustainable. In addition to opt for a slow trip, you can choose to start and end your vacation by sharing your ride to the airport. Personal cars are indeed the major polluters while sharing is considered the future of mobility. If you are looking for a transfer to the airport that combines cost-effectiveness, small environmental impact and comfort. GoOpti can be the best choice and alternative to your personal car might change your ride habits to the airport from now on.

Smiling blond woman on a shared van

3Smiling blond woman on a shared van

3. Flight consciously and choose eco-friendly airlines

Despite the hundreds of articles you might have read, did you know that flying isn't actually always the worst choice? And you can always check out airlines that are actively investing into clean, biofuel technology or you can use those which are offsetting carbon and other emissions by purchasing offset units in order to support projects that reduce or remove emissions, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. KLM became the first airline in the world to carry passengers on a commercial biofuel flight from Amsterdam to Paris in 2019, whilst Lufthansa has operated over 1,000 biofuel flights to date between Hamburg and Frankfurt.

Airplane flights at sunrise]

4Airplane flights at sunrise]

4. Slow down and take it easy

Opt for quality time and not quantity. It can be easy to fall into the tourist trap and get caught up trying to wrap up as many places and activities as possible into a trip, especially for people who don’t have time to travel often. Avoiding hopping from one place to another, which means using a lot of transports, it’s much less stressful and allows you to really experience the place you are visiting. Otherwise, you may tick off lots of bucket list sights, but you won’t get to know the destination. Walk, trek and cycle, build a true connection with the culture and local people by talking with them and get lost in the places by losing the sense of time. Living the moment will ensure you to discover authentic hidden gems.

woman relaxing on hammock while reading a book

5woman relaxing on hammock while reading a book

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